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Program TitleCSFA NumberAgencyActive
Adult Education - Basic Grants to States - Federal and State Funding Combined684-01-1625ICCB (684)780
Adult Education - Basic Grants to States - Federal Leadership Funding Only684-00-0464ICCB (684)60
Alternative Schools Network684-00-0802ICCB (684)10
Apprenticeship Grant684-00-2334ICCB (684)120
Career and Technical Education - RN and LPN684-01-1434ICCB (684)20
Career and Technical Education -- Basic Grants to States684-00-0465ICCB (684)590
Career and Technical Education Early School Leaver Transition Program684-00-0822ICCB (684)90
Career and Technical Education Program Improvement Grants - IDOC684-00-0821ICCB (684)10
Competency-Based Education Pilot684-00-2387ICCB (684)00
Innovative Bridge and Transition Program Grants684-01-1670ICCB (684)690
Integrated Education and Training Grant684-00-2214ICCB (684)120
Perkins CTE Leadership- University684-00-1574ICCB (684)30
Transitional Instruction Math and English Pilot Grant684-00-2333ICCB (684)350
Workforce Equity Initiative684-01-2213ICCB (684)151