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Program TitleCSFA NumberAgencyActive
Accelerated Innovation Deployment Demonstration494-00-1661DOT (494)00
Airport Improvement Program494-60-0327DOT (494)2130
Assistance to Needy Units of Governments - Township/Road Districts494-00-0961DOT (494)4621
Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program494-00-1003DOT (494)1260
County Consolidated Program494-00-0966DOT (494)5071
Downstate Mass Transportation Capital Improvement Fund (CIF)494-80-2190DOT (494)00
Economic Development Program494-00-0957DOT (494)161
Emergency Relief Program 494-00-1007DOT (494)51
Federal Lands Access Program494-00-1008DOT (494)62
High-Growth Cities Program494-00-0967DOT (494)7441
High-Speed Rail Corridors and Intercity Passenger Rail Service - Capital Assistance Grants494-80-0334DOT (494)10
Highway Research Program494-00-1575DOT (494)10
Illinois Cycle Rider Safety Training Program494-10-1503DOT (494)00
Illinois Special Bridge Program494-00-1006DOT (494)461
Illinois Transportation Enhancements Program494-00-1000DOT (494)730
Local Federal Bridge Program494-00-1005DOT (494)3191
Local Federal Rail Safety Program (Section 130)494-00-1472DOT (494)50
Local Highway Safety Improvement Program494-00-1004DOT (494)821
Local Surface Transportation Program494-42-0495DOT (494)5971
Metropolitan Planning Program494-00-1009DOT (494)210
Motor Fuel Tax Program494-00-1488DOT (494)71031
Multi-Modal Transportation (MMT) Bond Fund for Downstate Public Transportation494-80-2197DOT (494)00
Multi-Modal Transportation (MMT) Bond Fund for the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) – Pace Capital Upgrades494-80-2358DOT (494)00
National Motor Carrier Safety494-10-0330DOT (494)10
Present Worth Jurisdictional Transfers494-00-0969DOT (494)21
Rail 5329 State Safety Oversight Agency & Program494-80-1283DOT (494)00
REBUILD ILLNOIS Local Bond Program494-00-2356DOT (494)00
Recreational Trails Program-AS OF SFY18 No longer an IDOT Program494-42-0331DOT (494)90
Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Capital Improvement Fund494-80-2187DOT (494)00
Regional Transportation Authority - CTA Blue Line O’Hare Branch Improvements494-80-2192DOT (494)00
Regional Transportation Authority - CTA Green Line Damen Station Improvements494-80-2185DOT (494)00
Regional Transportation Authority - CTA Green Line-Cottage Grove Station Reconstruction494-80-2193DOT (494)00
Regional Transportation Authority - Pace Harvey Transportation Center Improvements494-80-2196DOT (494)00
Regional Transportation Authority – CTA Tactical Traction Power for the Blue Line O’Hare Branch494-80-2195DOT (494)00
Regional Transportation Authority – Metra - Kendall County Rail Extension494-80-2191DOT (494)00
Regional Transportation Authority – Metra – 59th Street Station Improvements494-80-2186DOT (494)00
Regional Transportation Authority – Metra Auburn Park Station Construction494-80-2189DOT (494)00
Residential Sound Insulation Program494-60-2371DOT (494)10
Rural Planning Funds494-00-1440DOT (494)110
Safe Routes to School Program494-00-1002DOT (494)440
St. Clair County - Metro-Link Extension - Scott AFB to MidAmerica Airport494-80-2194DOT (494)00
State and Community Highway Safety/National Priority Safety Program494-10-0343DOT (494)3080
State Matching Assistance Program494-00-0964DOT (494)1301
State Planning Funds494-00-1437DOT (494)71
State Rail Grant Program494-81-1597DOT (494)10
State/Local Airport Improvement Program494-60-2151DOT (494)110
Statewide Planning and Research Funds494-00-1439DOT (494)580
Township Bridge Program494-00-0965DOT (494)3063
Transit 5309-2 Discretionary Bus/Bus Facilities State of Good Repair Initiative494-80-0336DOT (494)30
Transit 5311 Formula Grants for Rural Areas494-80-0338DOT (494)451
Transit ADA Paratransit Service Funding for the Regional Transportation Authority494-80-1120DOT (494)00
Transit Additional Financial Assistance (SCIP II) for the Regional Transportation Authority494-80-1125DOT (494)00
Transit Additional State Assistance (SCIP I) for the Regional Transportation Authority494-80-1124DOT (494)00
Transit Downstate Operating Assistance Program494-80-1141DOT (494)551
Transit Downstate Transit Improvement Fund Program494-80-1284DOT (494)240
Transit Illinois Jobs Now for Downstate Illinois494-80-1134DOT (494)210
Transit Illinois Jobs Now for the Regional Transportation Authority494-80-1133DOT (494)10
Transit Jump Start for the Regional Transportation Authority494-80-1131DOT (494)30
Transit Jumpstart for Downstate Illinois494-80-1132DOT (494)00
Transit Public Transportation Fund for the Regional Transportation Authority494-80-1127DOT (494)00
Transit Reduced Fare Reimbursement for the Regional Transportation Authority494-80-1126DOT (494)00
Transit Statewide/Non-Metropolitan Transportation Planning - Federal Sec 5305(e)494-80-1136DOT (494)90
Transit Statewide/Non-Metropolitan Transportation Planning - State494-80-1137DOT (494)00
Transportation Alternatives Program - Metropolitan Planning Organization +200,000 population selected494-00-1461DOT (494)00
Truck Access Route Program494-00-0958DOT (494)700