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Program TitleCSFA NumberAgencyActive
2020 Census Data Research and GIS Visualization Pilot Project444-00-2306DHS (444)10
2020 Census Grant Program444-00-2174DHS (444)100
510- C&A Children's MH Partnership (510-CMHP)444-22-1722DHS (444)10
850-Comprehensive Class Member Transition Program444-22-2211DHS (444)120
Access for Illinois Children with Autism and Developmental Concerns444-24-1712DHS (444)10
Accessible Housing and Assistive Technology (791) (DMH)444-22-2238DHS (444)20
After School Violence Prevention (ASVP)444-80-2199DHS (444)10
All Our Kids Early Childhood Networks444-80-1251DHS (444)100
Assistive Technology Initiative Program 444-24-2351DHS (444)60
Becoming A Man (BAM)444-80-2188DHS (444)10
Block Grants for Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse - OMT444-26-0723DHS (444)190
Block Grants for Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse- Global444-26-0724DHS (444)1090
Bureau of Maternal and Child Health - Family Case Management444-80-1674DHS (444)870
Bureau of Maternal and Child Health- High Risk Infant Follow-Up/Healthworks444-80-1675DHS (444)790
Capitated Community Care (410)444-22-0632DHS (444)140
Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Implementation Research and Evaluation Cooperative Agreement444-80-1696DHS (444)10
Child Care Assistance Program- Site Administered444-80-1223DHS (444)10
Child Care Resource and Referral Program - Child Care Assistance Program444-80-0211DHS (444)130
Commodity Supplemental Food Program444-80-0667DHS (444)30
Community Integrated Living Arrangement (620)444-22-0638DHS (444)260
Community Support Team (430)444-22-0623DHS (444)10
Community Youth Employment Program (CYEP)444-80-1444DHS (444)270
Community Youth Services444-80-0846DHS (444)220
COVID-19 Summer Youth Employment Program (C-SYEP)444-80-2432DHS (444)20
Crisis Residential (860)444-22-1205DHS (444)110
Crisis Staffing (580)444-22-0231DHS (444)740
CURES Act Housing: Financial Support444-80-2454DHS (444)00
Dental Program (400)444-24-0829DHS (444)40
DHS Cluster Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) (785)444-22-1253DHS (444)30
DHS Independent Living Services for Older Individuals Who are Blind444-30-0189DHS (444)120
DHS Independent Living State Grants - Not subject to 2CFR 200.203, 204 and 206444-30-1167DHS (444)220
Domestic Violence InfoNet444-80-1221DHS (444)10
Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention Program444-80-0652DHS (444)560
Domestic Violence Training444-80-1222DHS (444)20
Drop-In Center (720)444-22-0639DHS (444)130
Education and Training on Human Trafficking Prevention444-80-2212DHS (444)10
Education, Training, and Enhanced Services to End Violence Against and Abuse of Women with Disabilities444-80-0175DHS (444)10
Eligibility and Disposition Assessment (420) 444-22-0797DHS (444)70
Emergency and Transitional Housing Program444-80-0656DHS (444)560
Emergency Food Assistance Program (Administrative Costs)444-80-0166DHS (444)80
Epilepsy Program (250)444-24-0830DHS (444)50
Family Advocate - Special Project444-24-1506DHS (444)10
Family Health Technical Assistance444-80-1258DHS (444)10
Farm Family Resource Initiative (510-FFRI) (DMH)444-22-2346DHS (444)10
First Episode Presentation Program (510-FEPP)444-22-1294DHS (444)130
Group Respite (880)444-24-1545DHS (444)80
HCD Special Project Contracts444-80-1252DHS (444)10
Healthy Families Illinois444-80-0660DHS (444)300
Homeless Prevention Program444-80-0657DHS (444)400
Housing Bridge Subsidy Administrator (200)444-22-0620DHS (444)20
Housing MI Supportive (220)444-22-1482DHS (444)160
Illinois CHR-P Stepped Care Initiative (510-FCHR)444-22-1732DHS (444)10
Illinois Education and Service Expansion for Substances444-26-2379DHS (444)00
Illinois Emergency COVID-19 Grant444-22-2422DHS (444)20
Illinois Prevent Prescription Drug/Opioid Overdose-Related Deaths444-26-1543DHS (444)60
Illinois Promoting Integration of Primary and Behavioral Health Care Project (510-FPBH)444-22-1726DHS (444)40
Illinois State Opioid Response (SOR) Grant444-26-1755DHS (444)50
Illinois Youth Investment Program 444-80-2377DHS (444)01
In-Home Recovery Support (866)444-22-1207DHS (444)10
Independent Monitoring of Division of Developmental Disabilities Transitions444-24-1651DHS (444)10
Independent Service Coordination 444-24-1731DHS (444)120
Juvenile Inpatient Forensic Services (515-JIFS)444-22-1183DHS (444)10
Juvenile Justice Councils444-80-1270DHS (444)60
Juvenile Justice Systems Improvement444-80-1269DHS (444)10
Latino Outreach - Special Project 444-24-1508DHS (444)10
Leadership Training and Tiered Reimbursement - Child Care Assistance Program444-80-1238DHS (444)10
Lifespan Special Project444-24-1600DHS (444)10
Mapping Project - Child Care Assistance Program444-80-1240DHS (444)10
Maternal & Child Health Program - Better Birth Outcomes444-80-0226DHS (444)220
Maternal & Child Health Program - Chicago Family Connects Pilot Program444-80-2420DHS (444)10
Maternal & Child Health Program - Illinois Perinatal Quality Collaborative Partnership444-80-1653DHS (444)10
Maternal & Child Health Program - Perinatal Depression444-80-1262DHS (444)10
Mental Health Juvenile Justice (121)444-22-0631DHS (444)190
MIECHV Home Visiting Program444-80-0661DHS (444)300
Migrant and Seasonal Head Start444-80-0650DHS (444)41
NAACP-WB CDP444-80-2242DHS (444)10
Neuropsych Assessments (796)444-22-1195DHS (444)20
Office of Population Affairs - Tier 1 Phase 1: Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program444-80-2198DHS (444)40
OUR - ASEP444-80-2241DHS (444)10
Outpatient Fitness Restoration (230)444-22-2344DHS (444)60
Outreach (710)444-22-0627DHS (444)10
Parents Care and Share - Social Services Block Grant444-80-0662DHS (444)10
Parents Too Soon444-80-0664DHS (444)10
Partner Abuse Intervention Program444-80-0653DHS (444)250
Pregnant Teens Doula444-80-1259DHS (444)10
Prevent Child Abuse Support444-80-1279DHS (444)10
Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)444-80-2407DHS (444)00
Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (575)444-22-0636DHS (444)120
Psychiatric Medications (574)444-22-0635DHS (444)240
Quality Assurance and Data Analytics (792) (DMH)444-22-2239DHS (444)20
Regions Deaf Special Progam (515-RDSP)444-22-1184DHS (444)30
Regions Donated Funds Initiative (520)444-22-0626DHS (444)90
Regions Extended MISA Detox (515-RMSD)444-22-1186DHS (444)10
Regions IPS Trainers (515-RIPS)444-22-1185DHS (444)20
Regions Rural Behavioral Health Access (510-RBHA)444-22-1182DHS (444)10
Regions Special Mental Health Services (510-NAMI)444-22-1709DHS (444)10
Regions The Living Room (510-RTLR)444-22-1484DHS (444)220
Reintegration Residential (840)444-22-0646DHS (444)20
Responsible Parenting - Social Services Block Grant444-80-0663DHS (444)20
Sexual Assault Prevention and Response444-80-0654DHS (444)10
Special Education-Grants for Infants and Families - Early Intervention - Child and Family Connections444-80-0190DHS (444)230
Special Education-Grants for Infants and Families - Early Intervention - Clearinghouse444-80-1241DHS (444)10
Special Education-Grants for Infants and Families - Early Intervention - Credentialing444-80-1230DHS (444)10
Special Education-Grants for Infants and Families - Early Intervention - Training Program444-80-1229DHS (444)10
Special Olympics and Special Children's Charities Fund - Program 450-021444-24-1569DHS (444)20
Special Olympics Illinois (Program 450-0004)444-24-1570DHS (444)10
Statewide CCR&R and Provider Supports and Services - Child Care Assistance Program444-80-1250DHS (444)10
Substance Use Prevention Program Evaluation444-26-1544DHS (444)10
Supervised Residential (830)444-22-1202DHS (444)530
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment & Training (Support Services)444-80-0709DHS (444)10
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Employment and Training Program444-80-1455DHS (444)60
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Special Project)444-80-0708DHS (444)10
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Earnfare (Cook County)444-80-0704DHS (444)20
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Earnfare (Downstate)444-80-0705DHS (444)80
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Job Placement (With Retention)444-80-0707DHS (444)220
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - SNAP Education444-80-0675DHS (444)10
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - SNAP Outreach444-80-0676DHS (444)50
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children - Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program444-80-0670DHS (444)690
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children - WIC Food Center444-80-0669DHS (444)10
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children - WIC Food Center - FMNP444-80-1702DHS (444)10
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children - WIC Program444-80-0668DHS (444)930
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children - WIC Statewide Outreach444-80-0673DHS (444)10
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children - Farmers Market444-80-0671DHS (444)400
Supported Residential (820)444-22-1200DHS (444)420
Supportive Housing Program444-80-0658DHS (444)710
TANF Employment & Training Program - Job Placement with Retention Program444-80-0699DHS (444)90
TANF Employment & Training Program - Special Projects Program444-80-0700DHS (444)20
TANF Employment & Training Program - Support Services Program444-80-0701DHS (444)10
TANF Employment & Training Program - Work First Program444-80-0698DHS (444)110
Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program-Personal Responsibility Education Program444-80-0687DHS (444)160
Title XX DFI Senior Services444-80-1216DHS (444)220
Title XX DFI Child and Family Services444-80-1213DHS (444)70
Title XX DFI Crisis Nurseries444-80-1220DHS (444)50
Title XX DFI DevelopmentalDisabiltites/Mental Health444-80-1217DHS (444)290
Title XX DFI Ex Offender Program444-80-1214DHS (444)40
Title XX DFI Family Services Employability Development444-80-1219DHS (444)70
Title XX DFI Family Support444-80-1218DHS (444)60
Title XX DFI Self-Sufficiency and Self-Support (DRS) - Exempt from 2 CFR 200.101 with the exception of 202 and 330 through 332.444-30-1288DHS (444)70
Title XX DFI Youth Services-juvenile offenders, delinquent or pre-delinquent youth or other youth in custody of DOC444-80-1215DHS (444)10
Touch by An Angel Community Enrichment Center 444-80-2208DHS (444)10
Transitional Community Care and Supports ( 855 )444-22-2369DHS (444)90
UAS-Westside Transition Academy444-80-2240DHS (444)10
VIP PUZZLE444-80-2218DHS (444)10
Voucher Respite444-24-1511DHS (444)40
Vouchered Contract Deliverable - Recovery Support Services444-26-1603DHS (444)20
Youth Employment Training, Technical Assistance & Support - YE-TTAS444-80-1502DHS (444)10
Youth Opportunity - Social Services Block Grant444-80-0665DHS (444)10