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Program TitleCSFA NumberAgencyActive
10.555 National School Lunch Program 402-01-0020AGE (402)380
10.558 Child and Adult Care Food Program 402-01-0021AGE (402)360
10.560 State Administrative Expenses for Child Nutrition 402-01-0022AGE (402)00
17.235 Title V Senior Community Service Employment Program 402-01-0023AGE (402)00
1815 Southern Illinois Healthcare Strategies482-00-2507DPH (482)00
2016 National Crime Statistics Exchange (NCS-X) Implementation Assistance Program: Phase II - Support for State Programs493-60-1513ISP (493)00
2020 Census Data Research and GIS Visualization Pilot Project444-00-2306DHS (444)10
2020 Census Grant Program444-00-2174DHS (444)300
2nd Chance Act for Youth Offender Reentry444-80-2327DHS (444)20
3rd Party HIV Billing Development Project482-00-1614DPH (482)10
510- C&A Children's MH Partnership (510-CMHP)444-22-1722DHS (444)10
510-FCVD Illinois Emergency COVID-19 Grant444-22-2422DHS (444)20
850-Comprehensive Class Member Transition Program444-22-2211DHS (444)190
9-1-1 System Consolidation Grant Program493-60-1166ISP (493)01
93.041 Special Programs for the Aging_Title VII, Chapter 3_Programs for Prevention of Elder Abuse 402-01-0024AGE (402)260
93.042 (OMC3) CARES Act for Ombudsman Program under Title VII of the Older Americans Act402-03-2418AGE (402)120
93.042 Special Programs for the Aging_Title VII, Chapter 2_Long Term Care Ombudsman Services for Older Ind402-01-0025AGE (402)260
93.043 Special Programs for the Aging_Title III, Part D_Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Services402-01-0026AGE (402)260
93.044 (SSC3) CARES Act for Supportive Services under Title III-B of the Older Americans Act402-03-2419AGE (402)130
93.044 Special Programs for the Aging_Title III, Part B_Grants for Supportive Services and Senior Centers402-01-0027AGE (402)280
93.045 (CMC2) Families First Coronavirus Response Act, Older Americans Act Title III - Congregate Meals402-03-2396AGE (402)130
93.045 (HDC2) Families First Coronavirus Response Act, Older Americans Act Title III - Home-Delivered Meals402-03-2395AGE (402)130
93.045 (HDC3) CARES Act for Nutrition Services under Title III-C of the Older Americans Act402-03-2417AGE (402)130
93.045 Special Programs for the Aging_Title III, Part C_Nutrition Services402-01-0028AGE (402)260
93.048 Special Programs for the Aging Title IV and Title II Discretionary Projects402-02-2430AGE (402)10
93.052 (FCC3) CARES Act for Family Caregiver Support Program under Title III-E of the Older Americans Act402-03-2416AGE (402)130
93.052 National Family Caregiver Support, Title III, Part E402-01-0030AGE (402)260
93.053 Nutrition Services Incentive Program402-01-0031AGE (402)260
93.071 FFY2021 MIPPA Priority 1 for SHIPs402-06-2491AGE (402)00
93.071 FFY2021 MIPPA Priority 2 for AAAs402-03-2489AGE (402)00
93.071 FFY2021 MIPPA Priority 3 for ADRCs402-03-2490AGE (402)00
93.324 State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) Base Grant402-01-0489AGE (402)00
93.634 (2020) Support for Beneficiary Counseling Programs for States Participating in the Medicare - Medicaid Financial Alignment Initiative - SHIP402-06-2248AGE (402)50
Access for Illinois Children with Autism and Developmental Concerns444-24-1712DHS (444)10
Access to Justice444-80-2219DHS (444)20
Access to Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) - SOR444-26-1725DHS (444)50
Accessible Housing and Assistive Technology (791) (DMH)444-22-2238DHS (444)20
Adolescent Health Program482-00-1598DPH (482)10
Adoption Assistance418-00-0062DCFS (418)230
ADS Reinvention Grant402-04-2470AGE (402)00
Adult Education - Basic Grants to States - Federal and State Funding684-00-0464ICCB (684)30
Adult Protective Services (Fee for Service)402-00-2084AGE (402)360
Adult Protective Services Regional Admin Services (RAA)402-00-1640AGE (402)00
Adult Redeploy Illinois (ARI)546-00-2115ICJIA (546)260
Advanced Placement Classes - State Grant586-13-0506ISBE (586)80
AFC - Community Development Corp. for costs associated with affordable housing420-00-2290DCEO (420)10
African American AIDS Response Act482-00-1345DPH (482)00
After School Matters586-68-0543ISBE (586)00
After School Professional Development Opportunities - Child Care Assistance Programs444-80-1235DHS (444)10
Agency Advocate418-00-1309DCFS (418)50
Agency Counseling418-00-1312DCFS (418)140
Agricultural Education 586-00-1581ISBE (586)1260
Agricultural Education 586-18-1015ISBE (586)1070
Agricultural Education 586-18-0876ISBE (586)10
Agriculture Education586-69-2475ISBE (586)01
Airport Improvement Program494-60-0327DOT (494)1910
All Our Kids Early Childhood Networks444-80-1251DHS (444)100
Alternative Schools Network684-00-0802ICCB (684)00
Alzheimer's Disease Research Grants482-00-0913DPH (482)20
Apprenticeship Expansion Program420-30-0082DCEO (420)100
Aspirational Institutional Match Helping Illinois Grow Higher Education Grant Pilot Program 691-00-2075ISAC (691)00
Assistance to Needy Units of Governments - Township/Road Districts494-00-0961DOT (494)3731
Assistive Technology Initiative Program 444-24-2351DHS (444)60
Asthma Education, Policy, and Care Coverage482-00-2343DPH (482)20
Autism Program444-24-1505DHS (444)10
Basic Operations Firefighter Blended Training Program592-00-2183OSFM (592)10
Becoming A Man (BAM)444-80-2188DHS (444)10
Best Buddies Illinois (BBIL) Project444-24-0836DHS (444)10
BGC-WC444-80-2243DHS (444)10
Block Grants for Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse - DCFS444-26-0725DHS (444)400
Block Grants for Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse - OMT444-26-0723DHS (444)210
Block Grants for Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse- Global444-26-0724DHS (444)1230
Block Grants for Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse-CDS444-26-0727DHS (444)70
Block Grants for Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse-VCD444-26-0726DHS (444)200
Boat Access Area Development422-11-1095DNR (422)90
Broadband Regional Engagement for Adoption and Digital Equity Community Technology Center Grant Program420-35-2496DCEO (420)01
Building Improvements - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1797DCEO (420)10
Building Improvements - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1825DCEO (420)10
Bureau of Maternal and Child Health - Family Case Management444-80-1674DHS (444)890
Bureau of Maternal and Child Health- High Risk Infant Follow-Up/Healthworks444-80-1675DHS (444)810
Business and Economic Development Program - Prime Sites 420-45-2234DCEO (420)20
Business Interruption Grant Program420-00-2452DCEO (420)30
Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act Social Equity Program420-45-2348DCEO (420)90
Capital Bill FY2020 Funding; Air Traffic Control Tower at Lewis University Airport (LOT)494-60-2488DOT (494)00
Capitated Community Care (410)444-22-0632DHS (444)140
Care Coordination Unit402-00-1641AGE (402)350
Career and Technical Ed - Student Organization586-18-0877ISBE (586)90
Career and Technical Ed Improvement (CTEI)586-18-0517ISBE (586)380
Career and Technical Education - State586-41-2359ISBE (586)01
Career and Technical Education Early School Leaver Transition Program684-00-0822ICCB (684)40
CARES Act Workforce Equity Initiative Program444-80-2474DHS (444)10
CCU Technology Grant 402-04-2355AGE (402)470
Chicago Fire Department Training Grant592-01-0502OSFM (592)10
Chicago Park District for infrastructure improvements at Hale Park420-00-2253DCEO (420)10
Chicago Substance Use Prevention Services444-26-1551DHS (444)90
Chicago Underground Storage Tank Program592-01-0503OSFM (592)10
Child Abuse and Neglect State Grants418-00-0063DCFS (418)70
Child Advocacy Centers418-00-1310DCFS (418)280
Child and Adult Care Food Program586-18-0409ISBE (586)70
Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Implementation Research and Evaluation Cooperative Agreement444-80-1696DHS (444)10
Child Care Assistance Program- Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants444-80-1225DHS (444)30
Child Care Assistance Program- Site Administered444-80-1223DHS (444)10
Child Care Resource and Referral Program - Child Care Assistance Program444-80-0211DHS (444)150
Child Welfare Research Training or Demonstration418-00-0059DCFS (418)70
Cities Readiness Initiative Cooperative Agreement482-00-0265DPH (482)280
City of Chrisman420-00-2228DCEO (420)10
City of Naperville for costs associated with capital improvements420-00-2263DCEO (420)10
City of Rolling Meadows for costs associated with Park Street storm sewer improvements420-00-2265DCEO (420)10
Coastal Management Program422-30-0103DNR (422)210
Commodity Supplemental Food Program444-80-0667DHS (444)30
Communities of Color - Increasing Access to Health Care482-00-0933DPH (482)50
Communities of Color Special At Risk Populations482-00-0931DPH (482)150
Community Based Services for Equal Distribution to each of the 13 Area Agencies on Aging402-00-1666AGE (402)00
Community Care Program402-00-1452AGE (402)1460
Community Development Block Grant Disaster Response Program420-75-1637DCEO (420)12
Community Development Block Grant Economic Development Program420-75-1631DCEO (420)92
Community Development Block Grant Help Eliminate Lead Program420-75-1636DCEO (420)20
Community Development Block Grant Housing Rehabilitation Program420-75-1633DCEO (420)300
Community Development Block Grant Public Infrastructure Program420-75-1632DCEO (420)500
Community Development Block Grant Revolving Loan Fund Closeout Program420-75-1638DCEO (420)390
Community Development Block Grants/State's program and Non-Entitlement Grants in Hawaii420-75-0070DCEO (420)150
Community Health Center Construction Grants511-00-2112CDB (511)50
Community Integrated Living Arrangement (620)444-22-0638DHS (444)260
Community Mental Health Centers - Certified Recovery Support Specialists (CRSS) (812)444-22-2434DHS (444)150
Community Risk Reduction592-00-2353OSFM (592)10
Community Services Block Grant420-70-0091DCEO (420)720
Community Services Block Grant Healthy Homes420-70-2332DCEO (420)00
Community Support Team (430)444-22-0623DHS (444)10
Community Wellness444-80-1489DHS (444)10
Community Youth Employment Program (CYEP)444-80-1444DHS (444)20
Community Youth Services444-80-0846DHS (444)220
Community-Based Violence Intervention and Prevention (CB-VIP)546-00-2117ICJIA (546)170
Community-Law Enforcement Partnership for Deflection & Substance Use Disorder Treatment546-00-1705ICJIA (546)30
Comprehensive Cancer Survivorship Lifestyle Change Program482-00-2429DPH (482)10
Comprehensive Community Based Youth Services444-80-0710DHS (444)290
Comprehensive Health Protection Grant482-00-1734DPH (482)00
Comprehensive Sickle Cell Clinical Care482-00-1117DPH (482)10
Comprehensive STD Prevention Services Grant482-00-1023DPH (482)10
Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program494-00-1003DOT (494)850
Connect Illinois Broadband Grant Program420-35-2366DCEO (420)11
Construction and/or Renovation to Buildings, Additions, or Structures420-00-1771DCEO (420)10
Construction and/or Renovation to Buildings, Additions, or Structures420-00-1785DCEO (420)80
Construction and/or Renovations to a Rehabilitation Facility420-00-1952DCEO (420)10
Construction of a Facility420-00-2078DCEO (420)10
Construction of a New Park Pavillion420-00-1790DCEO (420)10
Construction of a Pavillion in a Community Park - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1856DCEO (420)10
Construction of a Playground420-00-1899DCEO (420)10
Construction of a Public Marina420-00-1809DCEO (420)10
Construction of a Pump House420-00-1988DCEO (420)10
Construction of a Storage and Training Facility for a Sheriff's Department420-00-2071DCEO (420)10
Construction of a Veterans Memorial - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1831DCEO (420)10
Construction of an Outdoor Landscaped Plaza/Garden420-00-1975DCEO (420)10
Construction of Bathrooms and Shelter Facility - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1859DCEO (420)10
Cornerstone592-00-1729OSFM (592)10
Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act - Airport Program494-60-2421DOT (494)630
Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act - Transit Formula Grants for Rural Areas494-80-2410DOT (494)271
Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding Program (CESF)546-00-2413ICJIA (546)50
County Consolidated Program494-00-0966DOT (494)4091
COVID Response - Hospitality Emergency Grant Program420-00-2394DCEO (420)10
COVID-19 Community Garden Food Desert Pilot Project444-80-2466DHS (444)50
COVID-19 Comprehensive Mobile Health Units 444-80-2460DHS (444)60
COVID-19 Contact Tracing482-00-2426DPH (482)970
COVID-19 Crisis Grant482-00-2406DPH (482)950
COVID-19 Faith Based Hunger Pilot444-80-2465DHS (444)20
COVID-19 Grassroots Education, Outreach and Communications Project444-80-2479DHS (444)70
COVID-19 Pandemic Health Navigator Regional Coordinator 482-00-2471DPH (482)00
COVID-19 Pilot Faith Based Employment & Training program 444-80-2459DHS (444)70
Creating Pathways and Access for Student Success (formerly CAHMCP)601-00-0742BHE (601)10
Crisis Residential (860)444-22-1205DHS (444)110
Crisis Staffing (580)444-22-0231DHS (444)740
Crosswalk Upgrades - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1839DCEO (420)10
CTE - Perkins - State Leadership586-69-1011ISBE (586)20
CTE - Perkins Secondary (Federal)586-69-0418ISBE (586)270
Cultural Empowerment (813)444-22-2435DHS (444)20
Culvert Structure Repair/Replacement420-00-1913DCEO (420)10
CURES Act Housing: Financial Support444-80-2454DHS (444)130
Death Penalty Abolition Fund (DPA)546-00-2162ICJIA (546)10
Death Penalty Abolition Fund (DPA) SFY19546-00-1710ICJIA (546)20
Decatur Park District - for costs associated with aquatic center expansion420-00-2326DCEO (420)10
Demolition and Remediation of Abandoned and/or Condemned Properties in a Floodway420-00-2014DCEO (420)10
Dental Program (400)444-24-0829DHS (444)40
Developmental Education Innovation Grant684-00-2502ICCB (684)01
DHS Cluster Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) (785)444-22-1253DHS (444)50
DHS Independent Living Services for Older Individuals Who are Blind444-30-0189DHS (444)120
DHS Independent Living State Grants - Not subject to 2CFR 200.203, 204 and 206444-30-1167DHS (444)220
Digital Recovery Support Toolkit - SOR Grant444-26-2007DHS (444)40
Direct HIV/HCV Testing482-00-1535DPH (482)110
Discretionary Training and Technical Assistance Program for VOCA Victim Assistance Grantees FFY 2018546-00-1751ICJIA (546)40
Diversifying Higher Education Faculty in Illinois601-00-0744BHE (601)150
Domestic Violence Helpline444-80-1224DHS (444)10
Domestic Violence InfoNet444-80-1221DHS (444)10
Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention Program444-80-0652DHS (444)560
Domestic Violence Training444-80-1222DHS (444)20
Downstate Mass Transportation Capital Improvement Fund (CIF)494-80-2190DOT (494)00
Downstate Small Business Stabilization Program420-75-2398DCEO (420)1062
Drainage Improvement Project- 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1807DCEO (420)10
Drainage Improvements420-00-1890DCEO (420)10
Driver Education586-10-0546ISBE (586)00
Driving a Cleaner Illinois - Volkswagen532-10-1697EPA (532)50
Drop-In Center (720)444-22-0639DHS (444)130
DUI Basic Orientation Training444-26-1567DHS (444)10
Durable Movable Equipment420-00-1936DCEO (420)10
Dusable Museum420-00-2227DCEO (420)10
Early Childhood Block Grant 586-44-2222ISBE (586)800
Early Childhood Block Grant 586-18-0520ISBE (586)1470
Early Childhood Block Grant 586-18-0868ISBE (586)4430
Early Childhood Construction Grants - FY14 and FY 15511-00-1749CDB (511)40
Early Childhood Construction Grants - FY19 Direct Appropriation511-00-2108CDB (511)20
Early Childhood Credential Completion Cohorts Grant601-00-0001BHE (601)50
Early Childhood Education418-00-1341DCFS (418)20
Earthquake Consortium588-40-0456IEMA (588)00
East Joliet Fire Protection District - for costs associated with infrastrucure improvements420-00-2314DCEO (420)10
East St. Louis Educational Center684-00-0819ICCB (684)10
Economic Development Program494-00-0957DOT (494)161
Education and Training on Human Trafficking Prevention444-80-2212DHS (444)10
Education, Training, and Enhanced Services to End Violence Against and Abuse of Women with Disabilities444-80-0175DHS (444)10
Educational Materials Center 586-18-0525ISBE (586)10
Educators Rising (Inactive)586-71-2393ISBE (586)00
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) 546-00-2094ICJIA (546)310
Electrical upgrades and replacement of exterior doors - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grants Management Initiative420-00-2137DCEO (420)10
Eligibility and Disposition Assessment (420) 444-22-0797DHS (444)70
Emergency and Transitional Housing Program444-80-0656DHS (444)660
Emergency COVID-19444-26-2425DHS (444)50
Emergency Food Assistance Program (Administrative Costs)444-80-0166DHS (444)80
Emergency Management Performance Grants588-40-0450IEMA (588)1910
Emergency Relief Program 494-00-1007DOT (494)51
Emergency Senior Services402-04-2389AGE (402)00
Emergency Solutions Grant Program444-80-0496DHS (444)1570
Employer Training Investment Program (Direct Legislative Appropriation)420-45-1735DCEO (420)20
Employment Barrier Reduction Fund444-80-0689DHS (444)10
EMS Assistance Fund Grant482-00-0894DPH (482)00
Endangered Species422-20-0111DNR (422)10
Enhancement and Improvement of Sidewalks to Ensure ADA Compliance420-00-1925DCEO (420)10
Environmental Health Beach Grant482-00-0258DPH (482)50
Epilepsy Program (250)444-24-0830DHS (444)60
Establishing or Re-establishing Access to the Illinois River - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1798DCEO (420)10
Evidence-Based Funding586-18-0521ISBE (586)00
Explorer-Cadet Program592-01-0851OSFM (592)10
Family Advocacy Centers418-00-1315DCFS (418)270
Family Advocate - Special Project444-24-1506DHS (444)10
Family Health Technical Assistance444-80-1258DHS (444)10
Family Preservation418-00-1317DCFS (418)60
Farm Family Resource Initiative (510-FFRI) (DMH)444-22-2346DHS (444)10
Farm to Food Banks (TEFAP)444-80-2481DHS (444)00
FDA Tobacco Compliance Program444-26-1623DHS (444)10
Fed - Sp Ed - IDEA - Flow Through586-64-0417ISBE (586)8660
Fed - Sp Ed - IDEA Discretionary 586-53-2258ISBE (586)10
Fed - Sp Ed - IDEA Discretionary 586-53-2261ISBE (586)10
Fed - Sp Ed - IDEA Discretionary 586-53-2251ISBE (586)10
Fed - Sp Ed - IDEA Discretionary: Language Interpreters Training and Registry586-53-2335ISBE (586)00
Fed - Sp Ed - Title VIC - Deaf/Blind586-66-0425ISBE (586)10
Fed-Sp Ed - IDEA Discretionary: Assistive Technology Device Loan Grant Program (DL)586-53-2247ISBE (586)10
Fed. - Sp. Ed. - I.D.E.A. - Discretionary586-53-2301ISBE (586)10
Fed. - Sp. Ed. - Pre-School Flow Through 586-57-0420ISBE (586)7630
Federal Family Education Loan Program691-00-1391ISAC (691)00
Federal Lands Access Program494-00-1008DOT (494)31
Federal Programs - Emergency Relief586-62-2402ISBE (586)520
Federal Programs - Emergency Relief586-43-2483ISBE (586)00
Federal Programs - Emergency Relief586-43-2427ISBE (586)00
Federal Programs - Emergency Relief586-43-2431ISBE (586)00
Federal Programs - State Sexual Risk Avoidance Education586-60-1571ISBE (586)00
Fire Agency Emergency Response Equipment420-00-2026DCEO (420)10
Firefighter Training Programs592-00-1730OSFM (592)10
First Episode Presentation Program (510-FEPP)444-22-1294DHS (444)130
Flood Mitigation Assistance588-40-0446IEMA (588)10
For costs associated with upgrades to a permanent greenhouse - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grants Management Initiative420-00-2148DCEO (420)10
For HVAC and Electrical Upgrades - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grants Management Initiative420-00-2146DCEO (420)10
For the construction of a new building - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grants Management Initiative420-00-2141DCEO (420)10
For the construction of a permanent greenhouse - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grants Management Initiative420-00-2144DCEO (420)10
For the installation of a self-contained breathing apparatus compressor station at a fire station - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grants Management Initiative420-00-2143DCEO (420)10
For the purchase of a robotic cutting machine - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grants Management Initiative420-00-2135DCEO (420)10
For the purchase of laser engraving and cutting machine - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grants Management Initiative420-00-2147DCEO (420)10
For the purchase of new machinery and implements - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grants Management Initiative420-00-2139DCEO (420)10
For the remodel of a lab workshop - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grants Management Initiative420-00-2134DCEO (420)10
Foster Care Agency418-00-1316DCFS (418)20
Foster Grandparent Program402-00-1458AGE (402)90
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables586-18-0413ISBE (586)160
Front Door Diversion Project (800)444-22-1529DHS (444)60
FY21 Emergency Senior Services402-04-2438AGE (402)00
Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs691-00-1658ISAC (691)00
Gambling Disorder Services444-26-0730DHS (444)270
General Infrastructure Improvements -2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1795DCEO (420)10
General Infrastructure Improvements to a Fairground420-00-1961DCEO (420)10
Genetic Counseling482-00-0916DPH (482)130
Golden Apple Scholars (Inactive)586-71-2392ISBE (586)00
Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois Program691-00-0550ISAC (691)00
Governor's Emergency Education Relief684-00-2455ICCB (684)00
Governor's Emergency Education Relief Funds601-00-0459BHE (601)220
Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children Program402-00-1475AGE (402)01
Grant Program for Dependents of Correctional Officers691-00-1382ISAC (691)00
Grant Program for Dependents of Police or Fire Officers691-00-1383ISAC (691)00
Grants Management Program420-00-0505DCEO (420)1640
Great Lakes Restoration - Asian Carp422-20-0117DNR (422)20
Green Infrastructure Grant Opportunities 532-60-2388EPA (532)00
Ground Water Permit482-00-0905DPH (482)250
Group Respite (880)444-24-1545DHS (444)80
Grow Your Own Teacher Initiative601-00-0747BHE (601)20
Harm Reduction Community Linkages Project482-00-2107DPH (482)60
HCD Special Project Contracts444-80-1252DHS (444)10
Head Start444-80-0212DHS (444)10
Healing Illinois444-80-2458DHS (444)10
Health Care Networks418-00-1334DCFS (418)190
Healthy Families Illinois444-80-0660DHS (444)320
High-Growth Cities Program494-00-0967DOT (494)5941
Higher Education License Plate Grant Program691-00-1388ISAC (691)00
Highway Research Program494-00-1575DOT (494)10
HIV Prevention Regional Implementation Grant482-00-1038DPH (482)80
HIV/AIDS Quality of Life Program482-00-0908DPH (482)00
Home Delivered Meals (Non-Formula and Formula)402-00-1663AGE (402)00
Homeland Security Grant Program588-40-0455IEMA (588)150
Homeless Prevention Program444-80-0657DHS (444)410
Homeless Youth444-80-0711DHS (444)280
HOPWA HIV Housing Facility482-00-0255DPH (482)130
Hospital Health Protection Grant Program 482-00-1716DPH (482)70
Hospital Preparedness - Pediatric Preparedness482-00-1267DPH (482)20
Hospital Preparedness - Regional Hospital Coordinating Center482-00-1061DPH (482)150
Hospital Preparedness- IL Medical Emergency Response Team482-00-1062DPH (482)20
Housing Bridge Subsidy Administrator (200)444-22-0620DHS (444)20
Housing MI Supportive (220)444-22-1482DHS (444)160
HPP-Community Health Centers482-00-1066DPH (482)20
HVAC System Upgrades for Preservation of Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center Artifacts420-00-2180DCEO (420)10
IAP- Asthma Home Assessment Program482-00-1433DPH (482)20
Illinois Administrative Perinatal Center Grant482-00-1070DPH (482)100
Illinois Bicycle Path Grant Program422-11-1077DNR (422)160
Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program482-00-0922DPH (482)280
Illinois CHR-P Stepped Care Initiative (510-FCHR)444-22-1732DHS (444)10
Illinois Competitive Freight Program494-00-1671DOT (494)330
Illinois Connected Communities - Community Technology Center Grant Program420-35-2424DCEO (420)111
Illinois Cooperative Work Study Program601-00-0748BHE (601)500
Illinois Cycle Rider Safety Training Program494-10-1503DOT (494)30
Illinois Education and Service Expansion for Substances444-26-2379DHS (444)30
Illinois Family Planning Program482-00-0924DPH (482)301
Illinois Family Violence Coordinating Council (IFVCC)546-00-2096ICJIA (546)120
Illinois Hepatitis B Outreach, Awareness, and Education to Immigrants482-00-0932DPH (482)70
Illinois Hepatitis B Perinatal Grant482-00-2473DPH (482)00
Illinois Immigrant & Refugee COVID-19 Housing Assistance Project444-80-2478DHS (444)300
Illinois Immigrant and Refugee Employment & Training Project444-80-2462DHS (444)260
Illinois Immigrant Public Health Navigator Project444-80-2461DHS (444)190
Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Fusion: Igniting Teaching and Learning601-00-0743BHE (601)10
Illinois Prevent Prescription Drug/Opioid Overdose-Related Deaths444-26-1543DHS (444)60
Illinois Promoting Integration of Primary and Behavioral Health Care Project (510-FPBH)444-22-1726DHS (444)40
Illinois Public Radio and Television503-00-0892IAC (503)02
Illinois Racing Board Charity Fund Program579-00-1627IRB (579)10
Illinois Rape Prevention and Education482-00-1468DPH (482)10
Illinois Rural and Small Urban Hospital-Based SBIRT Project444-26-2046DHS (444)20
Illinois Special Bridge Program494-00-1006DOT (494)532
Illinois State Opioid Response (SOR) Grant444-26-1755DHS (444)640
Illinois State-Level CABHI Cooperative Agreement444-26-1609DHS (444)40
Illinois Tobacco Quitline482-00-0915DPH (482)00
Illinois Tobacco-Free Communities482-00-0911DPH (482)60
Illinois Transportation Enhancements Program494-00-1000DOT (494)670
Illinois Volunteer Money Management Program402-00-1480AGE (402)140
Illinois Welcoming Center Immigrant and Refugee-Led Capacity Development Network444-80-2472DHS (444)10
Illinois WISEWOMAN Program482-00-0923DPH (482)80
Illinois Youth Investment Program 444-80-2377DHS (444)380
Illinois Youth Survey444-26-1540DHS (444)10
Immersion Site Wrap Around Services418-00-1563DCFS (418)180
Immigrant Integration444-80-1456DHS (444)40
Immuniation Elimination of Disparities482-00-1733DPH (482)30
Immunization Coverage Level HPV Strategic Planning482-00-2423DPH (482)10
Immunization Coverage Levels482-00-1024DPH (482)60
Improvements to Sidewalks and Curbs to Meet ADA compliance420-00-1930DCEO (420)10
Improvements to sidewalks and curbs.420-00-2049DCEO (420)10
Improving Criminal Justice Response546-00-2357ICJIA (546)40
Improving the Health of Americans Through Prevention and Management of Diabetes and Heart Disease and Stroke (1815 – Capricorn Module)482-00-2061DPH (482)10
Improving the Health of Americans Through Prevention and Management of Diabetes and Heart Disease and Stroke (1815 – CHW Strategies)482-00-2068DPH (482)20
Improving the Health of Americans Through Prevention and Management of Diabetes and Heart Disease and Stroke (1815 – Critical Access Hospital Strategies)482-00-2063DPH (482)20
Improving the Health of Americans Through Prevention and Management of Diabetes and Heart Disease and Stroke (1815 – DPP Toolkit Training)482-00-2066DPH (482)20
Improving the Health of Americans Through Prevention and Management of Diabetes and Heart Disease and Stroke (1815 – FQHC Strategies)482-00-2065DPH (482)20
Improving the Health of Americans Through Prevention and Management of Diabetes and Heart Disease and Stroke (1815 – Hospital Strategies)482-00-2064DPH (482)20
Improving the Health of Americans Through Prevention and Management of Diabetes and Heart Disease and Stroke (1815 – Managed Care Strategies)482-00-2062DPH (482)20
Improving the Health of Americans Through Prevention and Management of Diabetes and Heart Disease and Stroke (1815 – Pharmacy Strategies)482-00-2060DPH (482)10
Improving the Health of Americans Through Prevention and Management of Diabetes and Heart Disease and Stroke (1815 – Southern Illinois Healthcare Strategies)482-00-2067DPH (482)20
In-Home Recovery Support (866)444-22-1207DHS (444)10
INACTIVE: Construction of a Concession Stand420-99-2074DCEO (420)10
Independent Monitoring of Division of Developmental Disabilities Transitions444-24-1651DHS (444)10
Independent Service Coordination 444-24-1731DHS (444)120
Innovative Bridge and Transition Program Grants684-01-1670ICCB (684)320
Installation and Repair of Sidewalks, Crosswalks, Pathways and Signage at a School Bus Drop Off420-00-1900DCEO (420)10
Installation and/or Replacement of Utilities420-00-1867DCEO (420)80
Installation and/or Replacement of Utilities420-00-1769DCEO (420)10
Installation of a Drainage System420-00-1862DCEO (420)10
Installation of a Security System and Replacement of Windows420-00-1928DCEO (420)10
Installation of an Early Warning System420-00-2023DCEO (420)10
Installation of Hydrants - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1872DCEO (420)10
Installation of Valves and Piping to allow Redirection of Water Flow to a Pump Station420-00-1956DCEO (420)10
Installation of Water and Septic System420-00-2034DCEO (420)10
Integrating Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Within the Public Health System482-00-1549DPH (482)10
Intensive Placement Services (formerly System of Care)418-00-1336DCFS (418)250
Interagency Hazardous Materials Public Sector Training and Planning Grants588-40-0441IEMA (588)240
Intersection Improvements - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1858DCEO (420)10
John R. Justice Loan Repayment Program691-00-1390ISAC (691)00
Joliet Arsenal Development Authority420-00-1888DCEO (420)10
Juvenile Inpatient Forensic Services (515-JIFS)444-22-1183DHS (444)10
Juvenile Justice Councils444-80-1270DHS (444)90
Juvenile Justice Systems Improvement444-80-1269DHS (444)20
Land & Building Acquisition420-00-1987DCEO (420)10
Latino Outreach - Special Project 444-24-1508DHS (444)10
Lead Poisoning Prevention and Response482-00-1583DPH (482)910
Leadership Training and Tiered Reimbursement - Child Care Assistance Program444-80-1238DHS (444)10
Learning Technology Centers586-43-2409ISBE (586)00
Legislative Add On Prevention Partnership444-26-2386DHS (444)10
Library Building Improvements - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1840DCEO (420)10
Lifespan Special Project444-24-1600DHS (444)10
Local Coronavirus Urgent Remediation Emergency (or Local CURE) & Economic Support Payments Grants Program420-00-2433DCEO (420)1101
Local Federal Bridge Program494-00-1005DOT (494)2771
Local Federal Rail Safety Program (Section 130)494-00-1472DOT (494)50
Local Health Department Overdoses Surveillance and Response Grant482-00-2104DPH (482)100
Local Health Protection Grant482-00-0901DPH (482)1940
Local Highway Safety Improvement Program494-00-1004DOT (494)980
Local Surface Transportation Program494-42-0495DOT (494)4870
Local Tourism and Convention Bureau Program420-25-1606DCEO (420)380
Long Term Care Ombudsman Program-GRF Support402-05-1586AGE (402)00
Long Term Care Systems Development Grant402-00-1476AGE (402)00
Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program402-00-1487AGE (402)130
Low-Income Home Energy Assistance420-70-0090DCEO (420)1010
Manufacturing Training Academies420-00-2361DCEO (420)01
Mapping Project - Child Care Assistance Program444-80-1240DHS (444)10
Maternal & Child Health Program - Better Birth Outcomes444-80-0226DHS (444)220
Maternal & Child Health Program - Chicago Family Connects Pilot Program444-80-2420DHS (444)10
Maternal & Child Health Program - Illinois Perinatal Quality Collaborative Partnership444-80-1653DHS (444)10
Maternal & Child Health Program - Perinatal Depression444-80-1262DHS (444)10
Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Perinatal Depression Hotline482-00-2109DPH (482)10
Medicaid Counseling Agency418-00-1323DCFS (418)40
Medical Assistance Program478-00-0251HFS (478)8430
Mental Health Juvenile Justice (121)444-22-0631DHS (444)190
Mentoring Program for New Principals (Inactive)586-71-2391ISBE (586)00
Metropolitan Planning Program494-00-1009DOT (494)310
MIECHV Home Visiting Program444-80-0661DHS (444)310
Migrant and Seasonal Head Start444-80-0650DHS (444)41
Mini Maternal and Child Health Services482-00-0311DPH (482)10
Minority AIDS Initiative AIDS Drug Assitance Program482-00-1027DPH (482)70
Minority Teachers of Illinois Scholarship Program691-00-1384ISAC (691)00
Monetary Award Program691-00-1381ISAC (691)00
Motor Fuel Tax Program494-00-1488DOT (494)72241
Multiple Sclerosis Research Grant482-00-0914DPH (482)10
Municipal Building Security Upgrades and Welcome Signage - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1787DCEO (420)10
Mutual Aid Box Alarm System592-01-0852OSFM (592)10
MyCredits Transfer (formerly u.Select System)601-00-0738BHE (601)10
NAACP-WB CDP444-80-2242DHS (444)10
National Board Certification Initiatives586-13-1087ISBE (586)10
National Forensic Sciences Improvement Act (NFSIA)546-00-1742ICJIA (546)40
National Motor Carrier Safety494-10-0330DOT (494)10
Neuropsych Assessments (796)444-22-1195DHS (444)20
NG9-1-1 Expenses Grant Program493-60-1652ISP (493)151
Non-Profit Security Program588-40-0445IEMA (588)430
Norman Consent Decree418-00-1330DCFS (418)10
North Suburban YMCA for costs associated with replacement of the HVAC system, roof replacement, pool repair, and parking lot repair420-00-2281DCEO (420)10
Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation dba METRA420-00-2122DCEO (420)10
Northwest Illinois Film Office - for all costs associated with development of a Quad Cities Regional Film Office420-00-2308DCEO (420)10
Northwest Suburban Special Education Organization (NSSEO) for costs associated with inclusive and accessible playground at Miner School420-00-2267DCEO (420)10
NSLP Equipment Assistance Grant586-18-0871ISBE (586)220
Nurse Educator Fellowship Program601-00-1591BHE (601)00
Nurse Educator Loan Repayment Program691-00-1387ISAC (691)00
Nursing Schools Grant601-00-1592BHE (601)30
Off-Highway Vehicle Trails422-11-1153DNR (422)80
Office of Minority Economic Empowerment - Incubators420-45-2159DCEO (420)60
Office of Minority Economic Empowerment - Minority Owned Businesses420-45-2160DCEO (420)140
Office of Population Affairs - Tier 1 Phase 1: Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program444-80-2198DHS (444)50
Open Space Land Acquisition & Development422-11-0970DNR (422)1370
Opioid Overdose Prevention Project-Corrections482-00-2121DPH (482)20
Optimally Changing the Map - Tier 1444-80-2457DHS (444)60
Optometric Education Scholarship Program691-00-1389ISAC (691)00
Oral Health Workforce Program482-00-1463DPH (482)60
Orphanage Tuition - 18-3586-18-0527ISBE (586)00
OUR - ASEP444-80-2241DHS (444)10
Outdoor Recreation Acquisition, Development and Planning aka Land and Water Conservation Fund Program422-11-1094DNR (422)110
Outpatient Fitness Restoration (230)444-22-2344DHS (444)60
Outreach (710)444-22-0627DHS (444)10
Parents Care and Share - Social Services Block Grant444-80-0662DHS (444)10
Parents Too Soon444-80-0664DHS (444)10
Park and Recreational Facility Construction422-11-1165DNR (422)60
Park Improvements - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1801DCEO (420)10
Partner Abuse Intervention Program444-80-0653DHS (444)260
Perkins CTE Leadership- University684-00-1574ICCB (684)10
Permanency Enhancement/Integrated Assessment/Assessment418-00-1342DCFS (418)10
Philip J. Rock Center and School586-18-1083ISBE (586)10
Planning and Service Grants to Area Agencies on Aging402-00-1664AGE (402)00
Prairie Du Pont532-60-2503EPA (532)01
Pre-Disaster Mitigation Program588-40-0451IEMA (588)60
Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)482-00-2083DPH (482)170
Pregnant and Parenting Teen Services418-00-1332DCFS (418)20
Pregnant Teens Doula444-80-1259DHS (444)10
Preparedness & Response Grant Program588-40-1714IEMA (588)50
Preschool Development Grant Birth to Five444-80-2485DHS (444)40
Preschool Development Grants Birth through Five586-00-2111ISBE (586)00
Preschool Vision and Hearing482-00-0919DPH (482)420
Prevent Child Abuse Support444-80-1279DHS (444)10
Preventing Sleep-Related Infant Deaths482-00-1357DPH (482)10
Prison Rape and Elimination Act (PREA) Project444-80-2407DHS (444)10
Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (575)444-22-0636DHS (444)120
Psychiatric Medications (574)444-22-0635DHS (444)240
Public Health Emergency Preparedness482-00-0263DPH (482)930
Public Museum Capital422-94-1164DNR (422)250
Purchase and Improvements of Land for Public Parking - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1865DCEO (420)10
Purchase and Installation of a Back-up Generator for a Levee420-00-1992DCEO (420)10
Purchase and Renovation of a Group Home that serve Adults with Mental Illness and Developmental Disabilities420-00-1916DCEO (420)10
Purchase, demolition and asbestos abatement of properties located in a floodway - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1791DCEO (420)10
Quad Cities Graduate Study Center601-00-0741BHE (601)10
Quality Assurance and Data Analytics (792) (DMH)444-22-2239DHS (444)20
Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program588-15-1018IEMA (588)00
Rebuild Illinois for Economic Distressed Areas420-00-2437DCEO (420)40
Rebuild Illinois Regional Economic Development Grant Program420-75-2374DCEO (420)00
Rebuild Illinois Shovel Ready Sites Grant Program420-75-2380DCEO (420)10
REBUILD ILLNOIS Local Bond Program494-00-2356DOT (494)28000
Recovery Oriented Systems of Care-Illinois Statewide Network (ROSC-ISN) Grant444-26-1703DHS (444)100
Recreational Trails Program422-11-1154DNR (422)130
Recreational Trails Program-AS OF SFY18 No longer an IDOT Program494-42-0331DOT (494)70
Redeploy Illinois444-80-0714DHS (444)70
Redeploy Illinois - Planning Grant444-80-2350DHS (444)20
Refugee Health Assessment Other Services482-00-0293DPH (482)10
Refugee Resettlement Program/Refugee Employment and Social Services Programs444-80-0207DHS (444)20
Refugee Resettlement Program/Refugee Health Services444-80-0692DHS (444)60
Regional Safe Schools586-18-0509ISBE (586)390
Regional Transportation Authority - CTA Green Line Damen Station Improvements494-80-2185DOT (494)00
Regional Transportation Authority - Pace Harvey Transportation Center Improvements494-80-2196DOT (494)00
Regional Transportation Authority – Metra Auburn Park Station Construction494-80-2189DOT (494)10
Regional Water Supply Planning422-80-2500DNR (422)00
Regions Deaf Special Progam (515-RDSP)444-22-1184DHS (444)30
Regions Donated Funds Initiative (520)444-22-0626DHS (444)90
Regions Extended MISA Detox (515-RMSD)444-22-1186DHS (444)10
Regions IPS Trainers (515-RIPS)444-22-1185DHS (444)20
Regions Rural Behavioral Health Access (510-RBHA)444-22-1182DHS (444)10
Regions Special Mental Health Services (510-NAMI)444-22-1709DHS (444)10
Regions The Living Room (510-RTLR)444-22-1484DHS (444)220
Reintegration Residential (840)444-22-0646DHS (444)20
Release Upon Request444-80-0712DHS (444)10
Renovations to a Baseball Field420-00-2031DCEO (420)10
Renovations to Bathrooms, Classrooms and a Library in a High School to meet ADA Compliance420-00-1959DCEO (420)10
Repair and Replacement of Windows, Entrances, Structural Repairs420-00-1905DCEO (420)10
Replacement of a Maintenance Garage, Replacement of Bullet Proof Glass at Courthouse Entry and Replacement of Courthouse Basement Door420-00-1894DCEO (420)10
Replacement of Street Lights - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1863DCEO (420)10
Residential Capital Improvement Grants418-00-2439DCFS (418)00
Residential Sound Insulation Program494-60-2371DOT (494)10
Residential Stabilization Centers (RSC) for People with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) - SOR Grant444-26-1760DHS (444)10
Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Act (RSAT)546-00-1430ICJIA (546)20
Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Act (RSAT) FFY17546-00-1740ICJIA (546)10
Responsible Parenting - Social Services Block Grant444-80-0663DHS (444)20
Restoration and Construction at a Home of an Illinois-Born President420-00-1868DCEO (420)10
Restoration of a Bridge420-00-1994DCEO (420)10
Restoration of a Firehouse, including Restoration of Sidewalks, HVAC and Windows420-00-1982DCEO (420)10
Restoration of a Water Tank. 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1770DCEO (420)10
RESTORE, REINVEST, AND RENEW (R3) 546-00-2378ICJIA (546)00
Resurfacing of a Road - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grants Management Initiative420-00-2152DCEO (420)10
Retired and Senior Volunteer Program402-00-1459AGE (402)150
Rhema Community Development Corporation420-00-2184DCEO (420)10
Road Construction - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1851DCEO (420)10
Road Improvements - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1860DCEO (420)10
Roadway Construction - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1814DCEO (420)10
Roadway Improvements - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1878DCEO (420)10
ROE School Bus Driver Training586-13-1081ISBE (586)10
ROE/ISC Operations586-13-1084ISBE (586)390
Roof Replacement to a Grade School420-00-1958DCEO (420)10
Rural IL Opioid Overdose Prevention Initiative-Care Coordination482-00-1611DPH (482)00
Rural IL Opioid Overdose Prevention-Naloxone Distribution482-00-1610DPH (482)00
Rural Planning Funds494-00-1440DOT (494)20
Ryan White Part B Community Re-entry Application482-00-1350DPH (482)10
Ryan White Part B Education and Training482-00-1030DPH (482)10
Ryan White Part B HIV Care Connect482-00-1031DPH (482)10
Ryan White Part B Lead Agents482-00-1032DPH (482)80
Safe From the Start (SFS)546-00-2116ICJIA (546)100
Safe Routes to School Program494-00-1002DOT (494)380
Safety and/or Security Related Infrastructure Improvements420-00-1983DCEO (420)10
Safety and/or Security Related Infrastructure Improvements420-00-1985DCEO (420)10
Schaaf-Yang Syndrome Research482-00-2282DPH (482)10
School Construction Grant Program511-00-1530CDB (511)20
School District Emergency Financial Assistance Loan Program586-18-0547ISBE (586)00
School Health Center Grant482-00-0928DPH (482)230
School Maintenance Project Grants586-00-1723ISBE (586)00
Section 319(h) – Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Financial Assistance Program532-60-0378EPA (532)230
Section 604b - Water Quality Management Planning532-60-0376EPA (532)80
Security Upgrades420-00-2001DCEO (420)10
Senior Employment Program402-03-2445AGE (402)00
Senior Employment Specialist Program 402-00-1477AGE (402)00
Senior Health Assistance Program402-00-1453AGE (402)260
Serve Illinois - AmeriCorps Competitve482-00-0781DPH (482)160
Serve Illinois - Americorps Formula482-00-0786DPH (482)270
Service Enhancement for Pregnant and Postpartum Women with OUD444-26-1746DHS (444)50
Sewer Construction - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1784DCEO (420)10
Sewer Improvements - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1841DCEO (420)10
Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA)546-00-1737ICJIA (546)20
Sexual Assault Prevention and Response444-80-0654DHS (444)10
Sickle Cell Follow Up482-00-0918DPH (482)80
Sidewalk Construction420-00-2018DCEO (420)10
Sidewalk Construction420-00-2030DCEO (420)10
Sidewalk Construction - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1855DCEO (420)10
Sidewalk Improvement and ADA Compliance - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1832DCEO (420)10
Sidewalk Improvement and ADA Compliance - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1833DCEO (420)10
Sidewalk Improvement and ADA Compliance - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1834DCEO (420)10
Sidewalk Improvements 420-00-2052DCEO (420)10
Sidewalk Improvements - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1871DCEO (420)10
Sidewalk Improvements - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1843DCEO (420)10
Sidewalk Improvements and ADA Compliance - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1821DCEO (420)10
Sidewalk Improvements and ADA Compliance - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1828DCEO (420)10
Sidewalk improvments. 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1766DCEO (420)10
Site Improvements420-00-1758DCEO (420)20
Site Improvements420-00-1960DCEO (420)100
Site Improvements - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1826DCEO (420)10
Site Improvements to Develop a Flexible Open Space Park Adjacent to a Waterway - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1861DCEO (420)10
Small Business Development Centers420-35-0083DCEO (420)490
Small Fire-fighting and Ambulance Service Equipment Grant Program592-01-0504OSFM (592)01
Small Rural Hospital Improvement Grant Program482-00-0282DPH (482)00
Snowmobile Local Government422-11-1163DNR (422)30
Snowmobile Trail Establishment422-11-1162DNR (422)10
SOR FQHC Administered OUD Treatment Services444-26-1757DHS (444)40
SOR Hospital Screening and Warm Handoff444-26-1747DHS (444)80
SOR Oxford House444-26-2103DHS (444)10
Southern Illinois Adolescent Health Program482-00-2340DPH (482)00
Special Ed. - Orphanage - Individual / Summer Individual 586-18-0531ISBE (586)00
Special Ed. - Private Facility Tuition586-18-0534ISBE (586)00
Special Education-Grants for Infants and Families - Early Intervention - Child and Family Connections444-80-0190DHS (444)250
Special Education-Grants for Infants and Families - Early Intervention - Clearinghouse444-80-1241DHS (444)10
Special Education-Grants for Infants and Families - Early Intervention - Credentialing444-80-1230DHS (444)10
Special Education-Grants for Infants and Families - Early Intervention - Training Program444-80-1229DHS (444)10
Special Olympics and Special Children's Charities Fund - Program 450-021444-24-1569DHS (444)20
Special Olympics Illinois (Program 450-0004)444-24-1570DHS (444)10
Special Wildlife Funds Duck Stamp422-20-1093DNR (422)61
Special Wildlife Funds Habitat Fund422-20-1090DNR (422)400
Special Wildlife Funds Pheasant Fund422-20-1091DNR (422)50
Specialty Crop Block Grant Program - Farm Bill406-32-0039AG (406)40
Sport Fish Restoration - Fisheries,Boat Access422-20-0107DNR (422)90
St. Clair County - Metro-Link Extension - Scott AFB to MidAmerica Airport494-80-2194DOT (494)00
State and Community Highway Safety/National Priority Safety Program494-10-0343DOT (494)2362
State and Regional Substance Use Prevention Services444-26-1553DHS (444)110
State Clean Diesel Grant Program (DERA)532-10-2086EPA (532)10
State Court Improvement Program201-01-0471J-SC (201)20
State Free Lunch and Breakfast586-18-0523ISBE (586)00
State Indoor Radon Grants588-20-0442IEMA (588)180
State Matching Assistance Program494-00-0964DOT (494)1101
State Opioid Response Grants (SOR)-Recovery Home Expansion444-26-2101DHS (444)70
State Participation in Local Lead Projects Program494-00-2453DOT (494)00
State Planning Funds494-00-1437DOT (494)201
State Primary Care Office Assistance482-00-0269DPH (482)10
State Program - After School Programs586-84-1531ISBE (586)1720
State Program - Autism Project586-53-1526ISBE (586)10
State Programs - After School Programs - Non-school Districts586-84-2069ISBE (586)01
State Programs - Blind and Dyslexic586-18-0515ISBE (586)10
State Programs - District Interventions586-13-1088ISBE (586)20
State Programs - E-rate State Matching Grant586-00-1527ISBE (586)00
State Programs - Early Childhood Block Grant 586-00-1534ISBE (586)20
State Programs - Early College Program Summer Institute586-43-2200ISBE (586)00
State Programs - Financial Emergency Assistance - Grant Program586-13-1686ISBE (586)00
State Programs - Low-Income Advanced Placement Fee586-43-2207ISBE (586)00
State Programs - Mental Health Services Tier I and Tier II Districts586-18-2206ISBE (586)01
State Programs - Parent Education Pilot Program586-18-2204ISBE (586)10
State Programs - Regional Safe Schools Cooperative Education Program (RSSCEP)586-18-1013ISBE (586)240
State Programs - Southwest Organizing Project586-13-0544ISBE (586)10
State Programs - STEM Programs586-43-2203ISBE (586)00
State Programs - Supporting Future Teachers (Inactive)586-71-2372ISBE (586)00
State Programs - Teach for America586-18-1089ISBE (586)00
State Programs - Temporary Relocation Assistance - Grant Program586-18-0549ISBE (586)00
State Programs - YouthBuild Illinois586-18-2205ISBE (586)10
State Wildlife Grants422-20-0114DNR (422)110
State/Local Airport Improvement Program494-60-2151DOT (494)120
Statewide CCR&R and Provider Supports and Services - Child Care Assistance Program444-80-1250DHS (444)10
Statewide Planning and Research Funds494-00-1439DOT (494)601
STD Syphilis Prevention Services482-00-1022DPH (482)10
Storm Sewer Installation420-00-1772DCEO (420)10
Street Intervention Programs (SIP)546-00-2120ICJIA (546)10
Structural Updates to Fire Stations and Backup Generators at Fire Stations - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1781DCEO (420)10
Substance Use Prevention Program Evaluation444-26-1544DHS (444)10
Substance Use Prevention Services444-26-1552DHS (444)470
Substance Use Training and Technical Assistance444-26-1541DHS (444)10
Supervised Residential (830)444-22-1202DHS (444)530
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment & Training (Support Services)444-80-0709DHS (444)10
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Employment and Training Program444-80-1455DHS (444)70
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Special Project)444-80-0708DHS (444)10
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Earnfare (Cook County)444-80-0704DHS (444)20
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Earnfare (Downstate)444-80-0705DHS (444)80
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Job Placement (With Retention)444-80-0707DHS (444)220
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - SNAP Education444-80-0675DHS (444)10
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - SNAP Outreach444-80-0676DHS (444)60
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children - Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program444-80-0670DHS (444)690
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children - WIC Food Center444-80-0669DHS (444)10
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children - WIC Food Center - FMNP444-80-1702DHS (444)10
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children - WIC Program444-80-0668DHS (444)960
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children - WIC Statewide Outreach444-80-0673DHS (444)10
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children - Farmers Market444-80-0671DHS (444)400
Supported Residential (820)444-22-1200DHS (444)420
Supportive Housing Program444-80-0658DHS (444)750
Syphilis Prevention Services Among Women482-00-2246DPH (482)00
TANF Employment & Training Program - Job Placement with Retention Program444-80-0699DHS (444)90
TANF Employment & Training Program - Special Projects Program444-80-0700DHS (444)30
TANF Employment & Training Program - Support Services Program444-80-0701DHS (444)10
TANF Employment & Training Program - Work First Program444-80-0698DHS (444)110
Tax Equivalent Grant586-18-0536ISBE (586)00
Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program-Personal Responsibility Education Program444-80-0687DHS (444)160
Teen REACH (Responsibility, Education, Achievement, Caring and Hope)444-80-1411DHS (444)590
The Poverty Aleviation Strategy Program444-80-2456DHS (444)80
Thresholds PreCOVID-19 Capacity (510-TCVD)444-22-2495DHS (444)10
Title I - Low Income586-44-0414ISBE (586)8490
Title I - Low Income - Neglected/Delinquent586-44-0416ISBE (586)270
Title I - Migrant Education586-44-2307ISBE (586)40
Title I - School Improvement and Accountability586-44-1082ISBE (586)1810
Title II - Teacher Quality - Improving Teacher Quality State Grants586-43-0430ISBE (586)8620
Title II - Teacher Quality - Problems of Practice586-00-2044ISBE (586)00
Title II - Teacher Quality - Statewide Activities586-43-2235ISBE (586)10
Title II - Teacher Quality - Teacher and Principal Performance Evaluations586-70-2237ISBE (586)330
Title II - Teacher Quality - Teacher Residencies586-00-2048ISBE (586)20
Title III Immigrant Education Programs - Lang Inst Prog-Limited End LIPLEP586-18-0428ISBE (586)2320
Title IV - Nita M. Lowey 21st Century Comm Learning Centers586-46-0423ISBE (586)580
Title IV Safe and Drug Free Formula (Inactive)586-18-0421ISBE (586)8490
Title V - Rural Education Initiative586-13-0427ISBE (586)720
Title XX DFI Senior Services444-80-1216DHS (444)290
Title XX DFI Child and Family Services444-80-1213DHS (444)90
Title XX DFI Crisis Nurseries444-80-1220DHS (444)50
Title XX DFI DevelopmentalDisabiltites/Mental Health444-80-1217DHS (444)350
Title XX DFI Ex Offender Program444-80-1214DHS (444)80
Title XX DFI Family Services Employability Development444-80-1219DHS (444)80
Title XX DFI Family Support444-80-1218DHS (444)100
Title XX DFI Refugee & Immigrant Services444-80-1233DHS (444)30
Title XX DFI Self-Sufficiency and Self-Support (DRS) - Exempt from 2 CFR 200.101 with the exception of 202 and 330 through 332.444-30-1288DHS (444)80
Title XX DFI Youth Services-juvenile offenders, delinquent or pre-delinquent youth or other youth in custody of DOC444-80-1215DHS (444)20
Tobacco Enforcement Program444-26-1565DHS (444)500
Touch by An Angel Community Enrichment Center 444-80-2208DHS (444)10
Township Bridge Program494-00-0965DOT (494)3774
Traffic Signal Improvements - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1845DCEO (420)10
Transit 5309-2 Discretionary Bus/Bus Facilities State of Good Repair Initiative494-80-0336DOT (494)30
Transit 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities - CVP494-80-1291DOT (494)00
Transit 5311 Consolidated Vehicle Procurement494-80-2464DOT (494)00
Transit 5311 Formula Grants for Rural Areas494-80-0338DOT (494)240
Transit 5339 Bus & Bus Facilities Formula – CVP494-80-1290DOT (494)00
Transit Downstate Operating Assistance Program494-80-1141DOT (494)310
Transit Downstate Transit Improvement Fund Program494-80-1284DOT (494)230
Transit Illinois Jobs Now for Downstate Illinois494-80-1134DOT (494)200
Transit Illinois Jobs Now for the Regional Transportation Authority494-80-1133DOT (494)10
Transit Jump Start for the Regional Transportation Authority494-80-1131DOT (494)30
Transit Statewide/Non-Metropolitan Transportation Planning - Federal Sec 5305(e)494-80-1136DOT (494)40
Transitional Community Care and Supports ( 855 )444-22-2369DHS (444)90
Transitional Instruction Math and English Pilot Grant684-00-2333ICCB (684)01
Transitional Living Education and Program Services418-00-1337DCFS (418)90
Transportation - Regular and Vocational586-18-0540ISBE (586)00
Transportation – Special Education586-18-0541ISBE (586)00
Trauma Centers - VOCA546-00-2232ICJIA (546)40
Trauma Recovery - East St. Louis School District #189546-00-2450ICJIA (546)10
Truants' Alternative/Optional Ed586-13-0542ISBE (586)690
Truck Access Route Program494-00-0958DOT (494)681
UAS-Westside Transition Academy444-80-2240DHS (444)10
University Center of Lake County601-00-0740BHE (601)10
Unsewered Communities Construction Grant Program532-00-2477EPA (532)01
Unsewered Communities Planning Grant Program532-00-2476EPA (532)01
Upgrade and Construction of Public Restrooms and Their Approaches with ADA Compliant Improvements420-00-1932DCEO (420)10
Upgraded Parking Lot Storm Water and Drainage System Improvements420-00-1953DCEO (420)10
Upgrades to a HVAC and dust collection system - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grants Management Initiative420-00-2126DCEO (420)10
Upgrades to Digital Radio Communication System for a Law Enforcement Agency420-00-1946DCEO (420)10
Upgrades to School Crossings, Extension of Bike Paths, and Improvement to Sidewalks ADA Compliance - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1780DCEO (420)10
Upgrades to Sidewalks to Address Safety Issues420-00-2042DCEO (420)10
Urban and Community Forestry Program422-20-0096DNR (422)20
USEPA Water Pollution Control State, Interstate, and Tribal Program Support532-60-0375EPA (532)10
Vector Surveillance and Control Grants482-00-0904DPH (482)970
Veterans Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket Program497-00-1177DVA (497)31
Veterans' Home Medical Provider Loan Repayment Program691-00-1386ISAC (691)00
VFC Compliance482-00-0277DPH (482)180
Victims of Crime Act (VOCA)546-00-1745ICJIA (546)790
Village of Downs420-00-2231DCEO (420)10
Village of Streamwood for costs associated with resurfacing of roads within East Avenue420-00-2256DCEO (420)10
Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) 546-00-1744ICJIA (546)170
Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) FFY15546-00-1401ICJIA (546)20
Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) FFY16546-00-1486ICJIA (546)30
Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) FFY17546-00-1629ICJIA (546)40
Violence Against Women Act Sexual Assault Services Program (VAWA SASP)546-00-1743ICJIA (546)20
Violence Prevention - Acclivus546-00-2440ICJIA (546)10
Violence Prevention - Chicago Area Project546-00-2443ICJIA (546)10
Violence Prevention - City of Chicago546-00-2449ICJIA (546)10
Violence Prevention - Community Lifeline546-00-2444ICJIA (546)10
Violence Prevention - Peoria Park District546-00-2451ICJIA (546)10
Violence Prevention - Proviso Leyden Community Council for Community Action546-00-2448ICJIA (546)00
Violence Prevention - Rockford Park District546-00-2446ICJIA (546)10
Violence Prevention - Southland Juvenile Justice Council546-00-2441ICJIA (546)10
Violence Prevention - Touch by an Angel Community Enrichment Center 546-00-2447ICJIA (546)10
Violence Prevention - Urbana Neighborhood Connections546-00-2442ICJIA (546)00
VIP PUZZLE444-80-2218DHS (444)10
Voucher Respite444-24-1511DHS (444)50
Vouchered Contract Deliverable - Recovery Support Services444-26-1603DHS (444)20
Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Efficiency 532-30-2080EPA (532)40
Weatherization Assistance for Low-Income Persons420-70-0087DCEO (420)780
Welcoming Center444-80-1493DHS (444)170
Wellness on Wheels - Mobile Administration482-00-0934DPH (482)50
Wet Lab Capital Program420-35-2363DCEO (420)01
Wildlife Prairie Park Fund422-20-2506DNR (422)00
Wildlife Restoration422-20-0109DNR (422)180
WIOA Formula Grants420-30-0076DCEO (420)440
WIOA National Dislocated Worker Grants420-30-0080DCEO (420)240
WIOA Statewide Activities420-00-2412DCEO (420)160
WIOA Statewide Activities - Nonformula420-30-0075DCEO (420)100
WIOA Statewide Rapid Response - Formula420-30-0081DCEO (420)460
Workforce Hub Program to United Way of Metropolitan Chicago420-30-2229DCEO (420)10
Youth Emergency and Crisis Services418-00-1340DCFS (418)60
Youth Employment Training, Technical Assistance & Support - YE-TTAS444-80-1502DHS (444)10
Youth Opportunity - Social Services Block Grant444-80-0665DHS (444)10
Youth Services Training, Technical Assistance & Support (YSTTAS)444-80-1500DHS (444)10