Present Worth Jurisdictional Transfers
CSFA Number: 494-00-0969
Agency Name
Department Of Transportation (494)
Agency Contact
Stephane Seck
Short Description
This program provides compensation when a local public agency assumes jurisdiction of a state owned highway facility.
Subject Area
Government Services
Program Function
Enabling Legislation
605 ILCS 5/4-409
Objectives and Goals
The objective of the program is for IDOT to be able to delete unmarked state routes from its inventory and maintenance responsibility.
Types of Assistance
Direct Payments for Specific Use
Uses and Restrictions
The local public agency must agree to take jurisdictional responsibility, which in most all cases also includes the maintenance responsibility, for the roadway as part of the agreement. The present worth funding must be deposited into the local public agencies motor fuel tax account and used according to the motor fuel tax policies and procedures.
Eligibility Requirements
The local public agency must be a highway authority willing and able to take jurisdictional and maintenance responsibility for the public roadway.
Eligible Applicants
Government Organizations;
Application and Award Processing
No application process. IDOT will approach the local public agency to gauge interest in entering into an agreement for the jurisdictional transfer.
Post Assistance Requirements
The local public agency will assume jurisdiction and maintenance of the public roadway per the conditions of the jurisdictional transfer agreement.
Regulations, Guidelines, Literature
Bureau of Local Roads and Streets Manual:
Funding By Fiscal Year
FY 2015 : $1,345,200
FY 2016 : $3,770,600
FY 2017 : $5,000,000
FY 2018 : $5,000,000
Federal Funding
Notice of Funding Opportunities
Agency IDAward RangeApplication Range
Details17-0969-01$0 - $5000000General announcement open for a period of time with no specific due dates for applications.
Agency IDGrantee NameStart DateEnd DateAmount
16-0969-4511Winnebago County07/01/201606/30/2020154,700
17-0969-4490Coles County07/01/201606/30/2020154,700