Economic Development Program
CSFA Number: 494-00-0957
Agency Name
Department Of Transportation (494)
Agency Contact
Todd Smith
Short Description
Provides assistance in improving highway access to new or expanding industrial distribution or tourism developments. This program is designed to provide grant funding of 50 percent of the total project cost to Local Agencies. These municipalities are applying for funding on behalf of a qualified company that is going to expand or locate in their community and create new employment. Please note: when other CSFA program funds are used as a match (typically 0958), they will be awarded/recorded under the specific CSFA program such as this one. Matching funding totals should be reduced from the matching program and added to the specific program.
Subject Area
Economic Development
Program Function
Enabling Legislation
This program is an internal funding opportunity within IDOT.
HB 109 as Public Act 100-0586
Appropriation Account Code: 011-49442-7900-1000
Objectives and Goals
The objective of the EDP program is to promote economic growth within our communities and bring more employment opportunities to the state of Illinois. To provide funding assistance to local agencies for eligible roadway infrastructure improvements to support economic development, either attracting new jobs or retaining existing jobs.
Types of Assistance
Uses and Restrictions
This grant is restricted to provide funding to communities with companies that qualify for the program. The focus of the program is on creation and retention of permanent full-time jobs. Projects which only improve opportunities for future development or are speculative in nature are not eligible. Retail establishments, offices, parks, or government facilities are not eligible for EDP funds. Indirect costs are not allowed.
Eligibility Requirements
1. To begin the process of becoming eligible to apply for EDP funding, a sponsor such as Illinois Municipalities and local governments (i.e. township, city, village or county) must register and pre-qualify through the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) by going to . If a local sponsor is deemed in good standing with the State of Illinois, the local sponsor may then proceed to the application process. For a local sponsor to apply for EDP funding on behalf of a company, the company must be industrial, manufacturing or a distribution facility and must be committed to locating at the project's site. The company must commit to creating new employment or retaining employment in Illinois. The company must have a need for roadway improvements or access provided to their facility.

2. The EDP program uses state only funds, and is designed to provide 50% state funding for eligible locally owned roadways and 100% state funding for roadway improvements on state owned routes. The remaining 50% match will be provided by local government entities or private sources. Some examples of local agency matching fund sources are: MFT funds, other state grants, federal EDA grants, or money from the company donated to the local agency. This program allows the department to contribute up to a maximum of $2 million to local economic development projects. Due to the program's overall size, costs beyond $2 million project limit must be absorbed by the local community, company or developer. Any work performed on the state owned roadway will be funded at 100% by IDOT.

3. EDP does not require a specific amount of job creation however, it is required that the company shows they will be creating or retaining employment in the State of Illinois. Monies associated with EDP are awarded by the applicant's amount of new and/or retained jobs within the State of Illinois.
Eligible Applicants
Government Organizations;
Application and Award Processing
Applications are accepted year round. The local sponsor should apply for funding as soon as possible after the project site and an appropriate range of access needs are identified. Notification of IDOT's Bureau of Statewide Program Planning will trigger a site evaluation process which must occur before review of the funding application can begin. Since it is imperative that the department received an “accurate” cost estimate with the EDP application, Preliminary Engineering (PE) cost estimates must be completed prior to applying for or being approved for EDP funds. Once a grant award is made, the Local Agency enters into a written agreement with IDOT. Once this agreement is in place, the project goes to a local letting to be awarded to a contractor. Once this award is made, IDOT will provide 95 percent of the funding with the remaining 5 percent to be granted once the project is completed. Through this entire process, the proposed project still needs to meet all State and Federal standards before construction can begin.

The applications are reviewed by IDOT's EDP coordinator (Todd A. Smith) and the Local Roads Engineer (Bureau of Local Roads) from the district the project is located. A site visit by IDOT's personnel may be required. Their efforts are coordinated to ensure all eligibilities are met and the funding request is correct. At that time, a recommendation for funding is sent to the Secretary of Transportation for approval.

1. To receive a copy of the Uniform Application for State Grant Assistance form, contact Todd A. Smith at 2300 South Dirksen Parkway, Room 308, Springfield, IL 62674. Phone #: (217) 785-8643 or email

2. The Uniform Application for State Grant Assistance document must be filled out by the Local Agency. Also required application attachments: a) Endorsement letter from sponsor, b) a general description for scope of work and location with map, c) detailed engineer's cost estimate, d) commitment letter from applicant (company),
e) Employee Reporting form OPP 2100 (Rev. 09/08/16), f) Local Agency/Company Employment agreement.

3. Dun and Bradstreet Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number and System for Award Management (SAM): All applicants must be registered with SAMS and acquire a DUNS number as well. If Local Agency is not registered with SAMS please register at
Your FEIN Number is also required.

4. This grant opportunity is not a competitive process. Applications are accepted on an as needed basis throughout the year until the funding is exhausted for the current FY. When a Local Agency receives funding, a Notice of State Award will be sent as well as a commitment letter from the Secretary of Transportation.

5. $2 million maximum funding per project. Items such as purchase of right-of-way, landscaping, sidewalks, street lighting and any amenities that are not pertinent to the roadway project are not eligible.

6. Currently completed applications can be emailed to Todd A. Smith, or a hard copy mailed to IDOT at 2300 South Dirksen Parkway, Room 308, Springfield, IL 62764, Attention: Todd A. Smith

Application Requirements:
-GATA compliance/approval.
-Local Government Sponsor letter.
-A general description for the scope of the project with a location map.
-A detailed engineer's cost estimate.
-A commitment letter from the company or companies describing their intent to locate or expand at this site.
Compliance with Public Act 93-552, Employee Reporting Form signed by the company understanding their compliance.
-Local Agency/Company Employment Agreement.
-Signed Joint Agreement.
Sunset dates / deadlines will be enforced for obligating and spending funds awarded.
*1 year to complete engineer estimates and 3 years to complete the project or funds will be rescinded.
*A notification status every 6 months identifying the progress of the awarded project.
Assistance Consideration
All eligible projects are funded through this program. EDP is not a competitive program and will consider all eligible projects while funding is available. EDP is designed to provide 100 percent state funding for roadway improvements on state-owned routes and up to 50 percent state funding for eligible locally-owned roadways. The remaining 50 percent match will be provided by local government entities or private sources. However, IDOT can only enter into an agreement with a local body of government (i.e. township, city, village, or county). Although it is a requirement of the program for the sponsor to contribute local money to the project, grants from other state agencies as an allowable funding source for the sponsor’s 50 percent match if the local agency has participated in the project in some fashion such as preliminary engineering, donation of land, etc.)
Post Assistance Requirements
The Local Agency must be in good standing with the State of Illinois and meet all the necessary guidelines of the EDP program. The Local Agency must have the 50 percent match to complete the funding of their project, and the business benefiting from this funding must meet all the eligibility requirements of the program.
Regulations, Guidelines, Literature
General announcement open for a period of time with no specific due dates for applications however, there's only a certain amount of appropriated funds allowed per FY. Projects must be designed and built using Motor Fuel Tax policies and procedures administered by IDOT. An EDP brochure is available to all interested Local Agencies to explain the eligibility requirements of the program and how to apply for funding.
Funding By Fiscal Year
FY 2015 : $15,000,000
FY 2016 : $15,000,000
FY 2017 : $15,000,000
FY 2018 : $8,000,000
FY 2019 : $15,000,000
FY 2020 : $8,000,000
FY 2021 : $8,000,000
Federal Funding
Notice of Funding Opportunities
Agency IDAward RangeApplication Range
DetailsN/A$0 - $2000000General announcement open for a period of time with no specific due dates for applications.
Agency IDGrantee NameStart DateEnd DateAmount
17-0957-0007Berkeley, Village of01/18/201801/18/20232,000,000
18-0957-002Blue Island, City of09/21/201709/21/20222,000,000
18-0957-003Village of East Dundee10/21/201710/21/20222,000,000
18-0957-001Cook, County of09/21/201709/21/20222,000,000
17-0957-0010Carbondale Township05/16/201705/15/20221,583,163