Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program
CSFA Number: 482-00-0922
Agency Name
Department Of Public Health (482)
Agency Contact
Phallisha Curtis
Short Description
The Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (IBCCP) is a Statewide Cooperative Grant Agreement Program funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and State General Revenue Funds. The IBCCP is designed to utilize evidence based interventions to improve cancer screenings.

Authorized through the Breast and Cervical Cancer Mortality prevention Act of 1990 (Public Law 101-354), the program offers free mammograms, breast exams, pelvic exams, Pap tests, necessary diagnostic procedures and ensures prompt follow-up of abnormal findings, when needed to eligible Illinois women. Women diagnosed with cancer may also receive necessary treatment services.
Subject Area
Program Function
Enabling Legislation
Public Law 104-354 20ILCS 2310/2310-355
Objectives and Goals
• To reduce breast cancer and cervical cancer mortality.
• To provide breast and cervical cancer screening services to eligible Illinois women, with an emphasis on women of low income, racial/ethnic minorities, rarely or never screened and older women.
• To increase access and utilization of early detection measures.
• To reduce barriers that keep Illinois women from seeking breast and cervical cancer screening services.
• To provide appropriate referrals, when needed.
• To ensure appropriate and timely follow-up, diagnosis, and treatment through case management.
• To develop and disseminate culturally sensitive public information and education programs.
• To determine the education needs of health care professionals related to breast and cervical cancer screening and to offer educational opportunities that increase the skills and knowledge of those professionals.
• To monitor the quality and interpretation of screening/diagnostic procedures.
• To monitor trends in breast and cervical cancer incidence, mortality, and screening rates for Illinois women.
• To maintain or develop formal or informal coalition and partnerships to improve access to and quality of services.
• To monitor these activities through surveillance systems.
Types of Assistance
Cooperative Agreements
Uses and Restrictions
The Grantee will expend Grant Funds awarded under this Agreement in accordance with the budget approved and on file with the Department. Departmental approval of a budget including subcontractors or subgrantees does not constitute prior written consent for the use of such services.

The Grantee will not commingle funds between separate grants or subgrants, even if the grants or subgrants are related, or the same population is being served.

Grantee and any approved subgrantees shall not expend any Grant Funds for promotional items unless the Department's grant manager has given written permission to do so. Promotional items include but are not limited to: calendars, pens, buttons, pins, magnets, gift cards, posters, and stationery.

As specified by Public Law 101-354, not more than 10 percent of cooperative funds awarded may be spent annually for administrative expenses. These administrative expenses are in lieu of and replace indirect costs [Section 1504(f) of the PHS Act, as amended]
Eligibility Requirements
This is not a competitive grant application. Eligible applicants are government organizations, non-profit organizations, hospital and clinics with an existing Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program grant agreement.
Eligible Applicants
Nonprofit Organizations; Government Organizations;
Application and Award Processing
Applications must be submitted via the Illinois Department of Public Health's Electronic Grants Administration and Management System (EGrAMS), accessible at The IBCCP Application must be completed in full and submitted by June 28, 2019. Applications will require 2 weeks for review and approval. Official notification, which allows for expenditure of funds, will be the receipt of a fully executed grant agreement.
Assistance Consideration
Maintenance of Effort (MOE)
Post Assistance Requirements
The following reporting is required:
Grantees will submit a Project Status Report each quarter of the Fiscal Year that illustrates the grantees success in meeting the specific measurable goals, objectives, and tasks outlined in the work plans. In addition, complete the Quarterly Outreach and In-reach Activities Report included with the work plans.

The Mid-Year Desk Audit will be due on or about December 31. Specific information regarding content and due date of the Mid-Year Desk Audit will be provided during November.

Grantees who receive $150,000 or more in funding will provide a single audit report within one hundred-eighty (180) days after the Grantee's fiscal year ending on or after June 30th for each fiscal year.

Cornerstone HSPR0785 - BCCP Open Screening Cycle Follow-Up Report, which is to be run monthly using the last working day of each month as the time frame.

Cornerstone HSPR0897 - BCCP Summary Statistics Report, which is to be run on a monthly basis, using dates to show cumulative information from the first day of the current Fiscal Year (July 1) to the end of the current month.

Grantees will submit Consolidated Financial Reports within sixty (60) days after the Grantee's fiscal year ends on or after June 30th for each fiscal year.

Grantees will report to IBCCP staff and address changes as they occur.

Grantees will submit two updated Medical Provider List reports, one with application and another with the Mid-year desk audit. Grantees are also required to report to IBCCP changes to the Medical Providers as they occur.
Regulations, Guidelines, Literature
• Breast and Cervical Cancer Mortality Prevention Act of 1990” (Public Law 101-354)
• Breast and Cervical Cancer Amendments of 1993” (Public Law 103-183)
• Women’s Health Research and Prevention Amendment of 1998” (Public Law 105-340)
Funding By Fiscal Year
FY 2017 : $9,256,228
FY 2018 : $10,000,000
FY 2019 : $9,500,000
FY 2020 : $11,500,000
Federal Funding
Notice of Funding Opportunities
Agency IDGrantee NameStart DateEnd DateAmount
06180017HMercy Hospital & Medical Center07/01/201906/30/20212,629,128
06180002HAsian Human Services Family Health Center, Inc.07/01/201906/30/20211,766,098
06180012HCounty of Lake dba Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center07/01/201906/30/20211,615,012
06180001HAccess Community Health Network07/01/201906/30/20211,522,288
06180022HPresence Chicago Hospitals Network dba Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medica07/01/201906/30/20211,267,402