Illinois Cooperative Work Study Program
CSFA Number: 601-00-0748
Agency Name
Board Of Higher Education (601)
Agency Contact
Bruce Bennett
Short Description
The ICWS program provides higher education institutions the ability to assist students through paid internships thus reducing their reliance on student loans while providing a link between academic programs and employment; by prioritizing work study opportunities for students seeking degrees in high-demand fields; by increasing the pool of funds for job training, which can result in businesses expansions in Illinois and full-time employment for students after graduation.
Subject Area
Program Function
Enabling Legislation
PA 098-0678 Section 30
Objectives and Goals
1. Expand opportunities for students to pursue internships, clinical placement, cooperative programs with business and industry, and other work opportunities linked to a student’s academic program;
2. Strengthen cooperation between higher education, business, industry, and government;
3. Encourage social and community service;
4. Maximize the use of matching contributions from business and industry, and governmental and social agencies;
5. Create new opportunities for public/private partnerships;
6. Integrate other components of student financial aid to reduce reliance on student loans; and
7. Encourage students to seek permanent employment in Illinois.
Types of Assistance
Project Grants
Uses and Restrictions
Funding for student salary and wages and cost of program specific audit. No grant funds shall be used for administrative costs.
Eligibility Requirements
Applicants eligible to receive grants are approved public and private, associate- and baccalaureate-degree granting Illinois colleges and universities.
Eligible Applicants
Education Organizations;
Application and Award Processing
Only one proposal per institution. All applications must be submitted online by accessing the IBHE website. Grants are competitive and will be scored by committee using a 100 point basis using the criteria outlined in the request for proposal. Grant funds will be awarding after final IBHE approval.
Assistance Consideration
The proposal must provide clear evidence of integrating other components of student financial aid to reduce reliance on student loans; maximize the use of matching contributions from business, industry and government; and show alignment between the Cooperative Work Study Program and other campus work study programs.
Post Assistance Requirements
Reporting requirements include:
- Quarterly reporting using the IBHE online system,
- Program Specific Audit
Regulations, Guidelines, Literature

Administrative Rules:
Funding By Fiscal Year
FY 2018 : $980,500
FY 2019 : $980,500
FY 2020 : $980,500
Federal Funding
Notice of Funding Opportunities
Agency IDAward RangeApplication Range
DetailsFY20ICWS$1 - $5000003/04/2019 - 04/30/2019 : 9:00 am
DetailsFY21ICWS$1 - $5000002/27/2020 - 06/01/2020 : 12:00 pm
Agency IDGrantee NameStart DateEnd DateAmount
20ICWS02Bradley University07/01/201908/31/202036,126
20ICWS09Governors State University07/01/201908/31/202036,126
20ICWS16Joliet Junior College07/01/201908/31/202036,126
20ICWS04College of Lake County07/01/201908/31/202036,126
20ICWS26Parkland College07/01/201908/31/202036,126