Creating Pathways and Access for Student Success (formerly CAHMCP)
CSFA Number: 601-00-0742
Agency Name
Board Of Higher Education (601)
Agency Contact
Bruce Bennett
Short Description
CPASS pursues an intervention strategy for the provision of enhanced academic and counseling supports to minorities seeking to be professionals in medicine, osteopathy, dentistry, veterinary science, optometry, pharmacy, podiatry, and public health. CPASS provides continual academic reinforcement in mathematics and science; standardized test preparation; focused clinical, research, and public policy internships; and highly individualized career counseling for all program participants at grade levels extending from middle school through the post-baccalaureate years.
Subject Area
Program Function
Enabling Legislation
PA 100-0021 Article 114 Section 25
Objectives and Goals
To provide enhanced academic and counseling supports to minorities seeking to be professionals in STEM programs.
To provide continual academic
Types of Assistance
Project Grants
Uses and Restrictions
To fund Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) diversity initiatives to enhance STEM programs for students from underrepresented groups
Eligibility Requirements
Non-competitive, designated grant
Eligible Applicants
Application and Award Processing
Application Requirements:
-A budget breakout by line item,
-A budget justification,
-A description of work activities, goals and objectives, and
-An evaluation plan describing how the project's effectiveness will be assessed i relationship to the stated goals and objectives.
Assistance Consideration
The award is a direct appropriation
Post Assistance Requirements
Reporting requirements:
-Reporting per grant agreement,
-Program Evaluation report,
-Program Specific Audit.
Funding By Fiscal Year
FY 2018 : $1,433,600
FY 2019 : $1,433,600
FY 2020 : $1,433,600
Federal Funding
Notice of Funding Opportunities
Agency IDGrantee NameStart DateEnd DateAmount
20CPASSPublic Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago07/01/201908/31/20201,433,600