TANF Employment & Training Program - Job Placement with Retention Program
CSFA Number: 444-80-0699
Agency Name
Department Of Human Services (444)
Agency Identification
Agency Contact
Jataun Rollins
Short Description
"TANF Job Placement with Retention Providers primarily target current TANF clients. While clients are searching for unsubsidized employment, the Provider is responsible for assuring that they are engaged in work and training activities and hours that are consistent with Federal guidelines. Additionally, the Provider is responsible for developing, constructing and administering programs in a manner that will result in a client compliance level of at least 75%. When determining whether or not a Provider has met the 75% compliance standards, consideration will be given to two factors: 1) clients who meet compliance according to Attendance and Activity Reports submitted by the Provider; and 2) by documentation of immediate and appropriate action initiated by the Provider for clients who fail to comply with assigned activities and hours. Providers earn administrative payments for unsubsidized placements. In order for a placement to qualify the Provider for administrative payment, the client must earn at least minimum wage, work at least 30 hours per week, or less than 30 hours per week with wages of $10.00 per hour or more, resulting in the cancellation of the TANF case due to income, and meet the retention period of 30, 60, 90, 120 days. (See Attachment Cover Sheet Addendum for specific qualifications).

TANF Job Placement with Retention programs are operated by the Department for persons receiving TANF. Customers participate in a variety of activities that are countable in the federal participation rate while searching for unsubsidized employment. Activities are highly structured, monitored and documented for meeting accountability requirements.
Those activities include:
• Work Experience
• Community Service
• Unsubsidized Employment
• Subsidized Employment
• Vocational Education Training
• Job Search and Job Readiness Activities
• Job Skills Training and
• Education Directly Related to Employment.

The client will continue to participate in these activities until unsubsidized employment is obtained, or until it is determined that participation is no longer an appropriate activity for the client.

The Provider is expected to serve and engage customers in countable TANF activities each month during the contract period.

Funding By Fiscal Year
FY 2017 : $1,610,949
FY 2018 : $1,296,564
FY 2019 : $1,255,556
Federal Funding
Notice of Funding Opportunities
Agency IDAward RangeApplication Range
Details18-444-0699-01$74000 - $34210803/24/2017 - 05/07/2017 : 12:00 pm
Details18-444-80-0699-02$50000 - $7400006/22/2017 - 06/28/2017 : 12:00 am
Details19-444-80-0699-01$74000 - $34210802/22/2018 - 03/23/2018 : 12:00 pm
Details20-444-80-0699-01$74000 - $34210804/02/2019 - 05/02/2019 : NOON
Agency IDGrantee NameStart DateEnd DateAmount
FCSYG05293-FCSYG05293ASIAN HUMAN SERVICES INC07/01/201906/30/2020152,550
FCSYG05294-FCSYG05294CARA PROGRAM07/01/201906/30/2020152,550