Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program-Personal Responsibility Education Program
CSFA Number: 444-80-0687
Agency Name
Department Of Human Services (444)
Agency Identification
Agency Contact
Mary White
Short Description
The grant program target youth and aims to develop skills to abstain from sex, increase awareness of the risks and costs of early pregnancy and/or STIs/HIV, support for abstinent behavior, and for those youth who are sexually active, support for the consistent use contraception. The program has a statewide focus, targeting counties and communities in other urban, rural and suburban settings with demonstrated risk based upon the following criterion: high teen birth rates, high rates of sexually-transmitted infections (STIs), poor socio-economic status and the presence of underrepresented populations (African-American and Hispanic). Two underrepresented populations, African-American and Hispanic youth 11-18 years of age, will be the primary focus of the school-based services. The school-based services must be delivered in schools where at least 40% of the population is African-American and/or Hispanic including multi-racial youth. The grant program will also target new populations under 20 years of age: homeless youth and youth in Department of Juvenile Justice Center.

Goal: Reduce teen pregnancy among youth who are 10 to 19 year of age in Illinois communities and with vulnerable populations targeted for services.

Outcome Objectives
Long Term Outcome Objective: By the end of the grant, there will be a decrease in the rate of births to females ages 10 to 19 in the geographic areas and vulnerable populations served by the program.

Intermediate Outcome Objective: At the end of each program cycle, at least 80% of program participants will report that they intend to make healthy and responsible sexual health choices in the next six (6) months (i.e., abstain from sexual intercourse OR use method of birth control if they were to have sexual intercourse).

Short-Term Outcome Objective: At the end of each program cycle, at least 70% of program participants will report that being in the program made them "much more likely" or "somewhat more likely" to resist or say no to peer pressure.

Grant funds support teen pregnancy prevention direct (e.g., delivery of evidence-based curriculum), training and evaluation services.
Funding By Fiscal Year
FY 2017 : $1,929,750
FY 2018 : $1,955,224
FY 2019 : $1,879,652
Federal Funding
Notice of Funding Opportunities
Agency IDGrantee NameStart DateEnd DateAmount
FCSYP01845-FCSYP01845YOUTH OUTREACH SERVICES01/28/202006/30/2020219,655
FCSYP01846-FCSYP01846AUNT MARTHA'S HEALTH AND WELLNESS INC.07/01/201906/30/2020203,894
FCSYP01838-FCSYP01838MACON COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT07/01/201906/30/2020174,522
FCSYP01841-FCSYP01841PREVENTION PARTNERSHIP INC07/01/201906/30/2020133,209