Parents Too Soon
CSFA Number: 444-80-0664
Agency Name
Department Of Human Services (444)
Agency Identification
Agency Contact
Chuck Dooley
Short Description
Parents Too Soon (PTS) is the umbrella for three programs: Healthy Families Illinois (HFI), Nurse Family Partnership (NFP), and Parents as Teachers (PAT), that provide support services to new and expectant teenage parents, with income less than or equal to 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, through home visitation, parent support groups, and community education to assist them to: develop effective parenting skills; improve the parent-child relationship; promote healthy growth and development for the child; and reduce the likelihood of child maltreatment.
Subject Area
Human Services
Program Function
Objectives and Goals
1. Assure that staff who have been recruited and hired are trained in the core program
model within 90 days of hire
2. All sites will conduct at least 40 parenting group session per year and document attendance at those groups.
3. Conduct home visits lasting at least 60 minutes, on a frequency schedule determined by
the evidence based program models and the needs of the family.
4. Conduct developmental delay screening utilizing a research-based screening tool (e.g.,
ASQ, Denver Developmental screen) for each target child at intervals prescribed by the
tool until the child is 3 years of age
5. Provide parenting skills education to 100% of the participants
6. Provide information on immunization and EPSDT compliance to 100% of participants
7. Provide information on family planning including abstinence education, and prevention
of sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS to 100% of the participants
8. Upon completion of training and with consent of the families, provider will videotape
parent-child interaction twice yearly.
9. Promote the delay of subsequent pregnancy, monitoring of below post-secondary school
progress, and Family Life Education with 100% of the participants.
Performance Indicators and Targets have been established for home visitation programs.
Following are the minimum expectations for program performance.
Agency Caseload Capacity
Maintain 85% of the agency caseload capacity. (Caseload capacity is determined by
multiplying the full time equivalency of Family Support Workers by the maximum caseload
Home Visits
98% of participants receive their first home visit before the baby is three months of
age, for HFI.
75% of participants must receive at least 75% of the home visits expected for their
assigned home visitation level.
Well-Child Visits
98% of enrolled children, age twelve months, had two well-child visits during the first
year of life.
97% of enrolled children, age twenty-four months, had one well-child visits during the
second year of life.
90% of enrolled children, age thirty-six months, had one well-child visit during the
third year of life.
Types of Assistance
Formula Grants
Eligibility Requirements
This funding opportunity is limited to those not-for-profit, community based agencies and governmental entities who received and award from the Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Family and Community for implementation in FY 2016.
Eligible Applicants
Nonprofit Organizations; Government Organizations;
Funding By Fiscal Year
FY 2017 : $16,361,555
FY 2018 : $8,837,297
FY 2019 : $8,837,297
Federal Funding
Notice of Funding Opportunities
Agency IDGrantee NameStart DateEnd DateAmount
FCSYS00721-FCSYS00721OUNCE OF PREVENTION FUND07/01/201906/30/20208,837,297