Small Fire-fighting and Ambulance Service Equipment Grant Program
CSFA Number: 592-01-0504
Agency Name
Office Of The State Fire Marshal (592)
Agency Contact
Ronny Wickenhauser
Short Description
Provides up to $26,000 for the purchase of small fire fighting and ambulance equipment
Subject Area
Public Safety
Enabling Legislation
State Fire Marshal Act (20 ILCS 2905/2.7); Public Act 95-717
Objectives and Goals
To award grants to fire departments and not-for-profit ambulance services that have either few or no resources to purchase equipment
Types of Assistance
Direct Payments for Specific Use
Uses and Restrictions
Up to $26,000 may be awarded per grantee. Funds may be used for the purchase of "small equipment," which means small tools and equipment that are stored or carried on fire protection vehicles that respond to emergency incidents, such as extrication tools, hose and/or appliances, overhaul tools, forcible entry tools, communications equipment, self-contained breathing apparatus, portable generators, and portable foam equipment. Small equipment shall also mean equipment used by firefighters, such as personal protective equipment, pagers, PASS devices, or equipment used in the station for emergency purposes, such as foam storage devices or portable foam equipment stored in the station for use in a large scale emergency.

Grant proceeds shall be used exclusively for the purposes listed in Section 291.20 (see Illinois Administrative Code, Title 41, Part 291) and shall be expended in accordance with this Part and the grant agreement.

This grant has been granted the following exceptions to 2 CFR 200: Uniform Grant Agreement, Monitoring, Indirect Costs and Grant Reporting
Eligibility Requirements
Fire departments, fire protection districts, township fire departments and not-for-profit ambulance services are eligible to apply.
Eligible Applicants
Government Organizations;
Application and Award Processing
Subject to the availability of funding, the Office of the State Fire Marshal will make grant applications available for the program. Applications are assessed by a review committee by blind review, meaning the committee does not see the name, address or any specific information that identifies the applicant. The committee reviews and ranks the applications based on assessment of need and information provided in the grant application.
Assistance Consideration
Applications for grants are evaluated using a scoring system that considers equipment need and financial need
Post Assistance Requirements
Grant recipients must submit to the Office of the State Fire Marshal a report detailing how the grant proceeds were used. This expenditure report, to be submitted on a form supplied by the agency, is due not later than nine months following receipt of the grant. Grantees must return any unexpended funds in accordance with the Illinois Grant Funds Recovery Act (see 30 ILCS 705). The grantee is responsible for monitoring possession, use, condition and final disposition of the items purchased with grant funds.

The grantee must maintain, for a minimum of three years after the completion of the agreement, adequate books, records, and supporting documents to verify the amounts, recipients, and uses of all disbursements of funds passing in conjunction with the agreement. The agreement and all books, records, or papers related to the program, project, or use for which grant funds were provided and supporting document related to the agreement shall be available for review and audit by the Office, Auditor General, Attorney General, and Inspector General. The grantee must cooperate fully with any audit and to provide full access to all relevant materials. Failure to maintain the books, records, and supporting documents required by this section shall establish a presumption in favor of the State for the recovery of any funds paid by the State under the agreement for which adequate books, records, and supporting documentation are not available to support their purported disbursement.
Regulations, Guidelines, Literature
20 ILCS 2905/2.7
Illinois Administrative Code, Title 41, Part 291
30 ILCS 708
2 CFR 200

Funding By Fiscal Year
FY 2015 : $1,000,000
FY 2018 : $2,200,000
FY 2020 : $3,500,000
Federal Funding
Notice of Funding Opportunities
Agency IDAward RangeApplication Range
Details18-592-01-0504$1 - $2600001/05/2018 - 02/28/2018 : 5:00 PM