DNA Backlog Reduction Program
CSFA Number: 493-60-0318
Agency Name
Illinois State Police (493)
Agency Contact
Susan Vondrak
Short Description
Provides funds for ISP to reduce their backlog and improve their analysis capabilities.
Subject Area
Public Safety
Program Function
Law, Justice, and Legal Services
Enabling Legislation
Department of Justice Appropriations Act, 2016 (Public Law 114-113)
Objectives and Goals
The overarching goal of the Federal program is to assist eligible States and units of local government to increase laboratory capacity and reduce the number of samples awaiting analysis in both the casework and database sections. It is anticipated this program will assist eligible States and units of local government that receive funds in decreasing turnaround time of the analysis of forensic DNA and DNA database samples; and to process, record, screen and analyze such samples. Increased laboratory capacity and decreased sample turnaround time will aid laboratories in reducing the number of forensic DNA and DNA database samples awaiting analysis.
Uses and Restrictions
This is only available for ISP use.
Funding By Fiscal Year
FY 2015 : $2,385,858
FY 2016 : $2,185,040
FY 2017 : $1,550,995
FY 2018 : $2,505,208
FY 2019 : $1,825,312
FY 2020 : $1,020,491
Federal Funding
Notice of Funding Opportunities