Early Childhood Construction Grants - FY14 and FY 15
CSFA Number: 511-00-1749
Agency Name
Capital Development Board (511)
Agency Identification
Agency Contact
Erin Eoff
Short Description
These are grants issued by the Capital Development Board pursuant to 105 ILCS 230/5-300 to assist early childhood centers with the renovation and expansion of their facilities to increase their capacity to provide care and educational opportunities for children in underserved areas.
Subject Area
Program Function
Enabling Legislation
105 ILCS 230/5-300
Objectives and Goals
The objective of the grant program is to provide funding for the construction or renovation of early childhood centers to address the needs of underserved populations of young children in the State.
Types of Assistance
Project Grants
Uses and Restrictions
The Capital Development Board is authorized to make grants to public school districts and not-for-profit entities for early childhood construction projects. These grants shall be paid out of moneys appropriated for that purpose from the School Construction Fund. A public school district or other eligible entity must provide local matching funds in an amount equal to 10% of the grant under this Section. Grantee must use facility for purposes of providing early childhood education for a period of not less than ten years. Grant funds may not be used on grantee's administrative costs.
Eligibility Requirements
Eligible applicants for Early Childhood Construction Grants include any public school district or private not-for-profit entity with experience in providing educational, health, social and/or child development services to young children and their families. If an early childhood center is operated in or by a child care center subject to the licensure requirement of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), then that child care center must hold the appropriate licensure in accordance with DCFS rules. Grantee must enter into a grant agreement with CDB that outlines the roles, responsibilities and obligations of each party; must demonstrate that the facility will be operational upon completion of the capital project, including funding and staffing; must demonstrate that they have or will be able to secure sufficient sources of funding for matching funds associated with the entire project; and must demonstrate that the proposed new or expanded center addresses the needs of underserved populations of young children in the community.
Eligible Applicants
Nonprofit Organizations; Government Organizations;
Application and Award Processing
Grants were awarded in 2013 and 2014 through a competitive grant process.
Assistance Consideration
Grantees are required to pay 10% of the total project costs, which may be made in cash or in kind.
Post Assistance Requirements
Grantees are required to submit quarterly financial and performance reports. Grantees must retain all records related to the project for no less than three years following completion of the project.
Regulations, Guidelines, Literature
105 ILCS 230/5-300, 71 Ill. Admin. Code 43
Funding By Fiscal Year
FY 2018 : $5,207,449
Federal Funding
Notice of Funding Opportunities
Agency IDGrantee NameStart DateEnd DateAmount
770-031-015El Hogar Del Nino12/11/201412/11/2021855,000
770-031-010Asian Human Services Inc07/01/201807/02/2021543,510
770-031-016Mary Crane League07/10/201406/10/2021417,695
770-031-012Chicago Commons07/15/201407/16/2020391,089
770-031-019South-East Asia Center06/20/201406/20/202070,287