3rd Party HIV Billing Development Project
CSFA Number: 482-00-1614
Agency Name
Department Of Public Health (482)
Agency Contact
Samantha Debosik
(217) 524-6799
Short Description
This funding opportunity continues to build 3rd party billing capacity for Routine HIV screening and HIV prevention services, primarily for Local Health Departments (LHD), Community- Based organizations (CBO) and healthcare providers (HCP). Developing the capacity to bill Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance for routine HIV screening and HIV prevention services is necessary to expand services to fill service gaps in high incidence geographic areas resulting in late diagnoses, unsuppressed viral loads, and HIV transmission. And as available federal and state appropriations for HIV services become less certain, building capacity for Local Health Departments, Community-based organizations, and healthcare providers is critical to sustain these vital services.
Subject Area
Program Function
Enabling Legislation
Objectives and Goals
Through this funding opportunity, the grantee will provide Local Health Departments, Community-based organizations and healthcare providers with 3rd party billing tools, systems and skill sets which can generate funding from 3rd party payers to for services previously supported only by federal grant funding. Building the capacity of healthcare providers to access 3rd party payer sources generates new funding to sustain routine HIV screening and other HIV prevention services regardless of the availability of grant funding. Through LHD and CBO engagement, more HIV positive people can be promptly diagnosed and provided quality health services, resulting in improved healthcare outcomes, increased HIV viral suppression, and decreased HIV transmission.
Types of Assistance
Project Grants
Uses and Restrictions
Eligibility Requirements
Eligible applicants include organizations with prior experience developing 3rd party billing for Routine HIV screening or other HIV prevention interventions within their own organization or for others.
Eligible Applicants
Government Organizations; Nonprofit Organizations; For-Profit Organizations;
Application and Award Processing
Eligible applicants will receive a grant award after the completion of a Department internal merit-based and team review process. Each application will be reviewed for completeness and accuracy and evaluated against a scoring rubric. An objective grant review and evaluation process will be conducted for agency determination for funding of this application. The application will be scored in the follow categories: Organizational Capacity and Experience, Project Description Narrative, Overall Project Goals, Objectives, and Timelines, Project Management and Staffing and a Detailed Budget and Justification. A score of 80 or higher will be considered for funding. There will be an internal merit-based team review of all applications. Applications will be reviewed by the Department for compliance with all application requirements. During the course of the review, the Department may contact the applicant for additional information if the information originally submitted is incomplete, inconsistent or unclear.
Assistance Consideration
Post Assistance Requirements
The 3rd Party HIV Billing Development Project requires quarterly progress reports and monthly reimbursements through the ProvideĀ® Enterprise database system. The quarterly progress reports must be submitted via email to the grant monitor using the approved Department quarterly report template. Quarterly reports must be submitted on time to assure processing of monthly reimbursement vouchers. An updated quarterly report template with due dates will be provided to the applicant following the executed grant agreement. Monthly reimbursements and budget revisions must be requested 30 days in advance and must be entered into the Provide Enterprise database on a monthly basis.
Regulations, Guidelines, Literature
Funding By Fiscal Year
FY 2018 : $900,000
Federal Funding
Notice of Funding Opportunities
Agency IDAward RangeApplication Range
Details482-00-1614$0 - $90000011/08/2017 - 12/08/2017 : 5
Agency IDGrantee NameStart DateEnd DateAmount
85180024FIllinois Public Health Association01/01/201812/31/2020900,000