State Programs - E-rate State Matching Grant
CSFA Number: 586-00-1527
Agency Name
State Board Of Education (586)
Agency Contact
Erich Grauke
Short Description
Program to provide public school districts with reimbursement of special construction costs for E-rate eligible entities matching the federal funding that will enable expansion of educational opportunities and student achievement.
Subject Area
Program Function
Science and Technology
Enabling Legislation
Objectives and Goals
To expand and upgrade fiber connections to facilitate high-speed broadband access for all students of public school districts.
Types of Assistance
Project Grants
Uses and Restrictions
Funding to match federal funding of up to 10% of the cost of eligible broadband special construction projects.
Eligibility Requirements
E-Rate eligible public school districts.
Eligible Applicants
Education Organizations;
Application and Award Processing
Eligible applicants complete the grant application through the RFP process and a review committee evaluates the applications according to the criteria in RFP.
Assistance Consideration
Post Assistance Requirements
Expenditure and programmatic reports to be submitted on quarterly basis. Final programmatic report due 30 days after completion of grant period.
Regulations, Guidelines, Literature
Grant Accountability and Transparency Act, FCC Second Report and Order on Reconsideration
Funding By Fiscal Year
FY 2018 : $700,000
FY 2019 : $16,300,000
FY 2020 : $16,300,000
Federal Funding
Notice of Funding Opportunities
Agency IDAward RangeApplication Range
Details18-3999-ERMNot Applicable02/21/2017 - 03/31/2017 : 3:00pm
Details19-3999-ERMNot Applicable12/15/2017 - 02/09/2018 : 3:00 pm
Details19-3999ERNot Applicable09/07/2018 - 10/22/2018 : 4 PM
Details19-3999-ER$0 - $010/30/2018 - 01/25/2019 : 4 PM
Details19-3999ERNot Applicable05/07/2019 - 06/21/2019 : 4 PM
Details20-3999ERNot Applicable12/06/2019 - 01/31/2020 : 4 PM
Agency IDGrantee NameStart DateEnd DateAmount
17064016026-3999(ER)Olympia CUSD 1607/01/201906/30/2020209,633
40007042026-3999(ER)Brussels CUSD 4207/01/201906/30/2020144,309
39055011026-3999(ER)Warrensburg-Latham CUSD 1107/01/201906/30/2020107,411
33094304026-3999(ER)United CUSD 30407/01/201906/30/2020105,655
17064002026-3999(ER)LeRoy CUSD 207/01/201906/30/202071,714