Title XX DFI Senior Services
CSFA Number: 444-80-1216
Agency Name
Department Of Human Services (444)
Agency Identification
Agency Contact
Delbra Sims
Short Description
Assisting persons in making arrangements for travel to and from community resources. Services are provided to individuals sixty years of age or older. Services are measured based on each one-way participant trip. Each participant must reside in a non-long term care setting within a pre established geographic service area. Services provided include transporting older persons to and from community facilities and resources for purposes of acquiring/receiving services, to participate in activities or attend events in order to reduce isolation and promote successful independent living. Services may be provided through projects specially designed for older persons or through the utilization of public transportation systems or other modes of transportation.

Adults 60 years or older who need personal counseling to help themselves and/or their
families cope with seniors personal problems and/or develop and strengthen capacities for
more adequate social and personal adjustment skills of Social Adjustment and
Rehabilitation Services consisting of counseling and advocacy activities allow people to
achieve their maximum potential by resolving conflicts in interpersonal and family
relationships, promote self-support and self-sufficiency and prevents inappropriate

Performance Measures
Measures data includes:
1. # of children, seniors and other adults provided Title XX services.
2. # of Title XX service activities delivered.

Program Compliance:
Matching funds and expenditures are reported monthly via IL444-4131 - Donated Funds Initiative - Request for Reimbursement or C-13 Invoice Voucher. Measurements to support contract compliance:

1. Amount of the 25% local matching dollars reported.
2. Amount of allowable line item expenditures reported.
3. Number of timely and correct reports submitted monthly for reimbursement, quarterly for service provision and annually for service planning and final reporting.
4. Number of contractors submitting a budget with administrative cost less than 20%.
5. Number of contractors agreeing to an on-site compliance monitoring review.

Federal Reporting:
Two reports are submitted by DHS annually for federal reporting. A Pre expenditure report also known as the State’s Intended Use Plan and Post Expenditure report which is used to compare projected services to actual for each service category.

Measurements to support federal reporting via Pre and Post Expenditure Reports prepared by the DHS Bureau of Basic Supports-Title XX:

1. Same as above- # of children, seniors, and other adults served.
2. Same as above- amount of allowable expenditures.

Performance Standards:
Social Services are delivered that are directed to achieving or maintaining economic self-support, self-sufficiency, preventing or remedying neglect, abuse, inappropriate institutional care, or securing appropriate care.

1. At least 70 % of the projected number of persons to receive services.
2. At least 70 % achievement of the projected service activities.
3. No more than 10% variance of expenditures to budget line item.
4. 100% of the required local matching dollars will be applied to the program.
5. 100% of the line item expenditures will be allowable.
6. 80% timely and correct reports submitted monthly for reimbursement, quarterly for service provision and annually for service planning and final reporting.
7. 100% expected to comply with a compliance monitoring review.
8. 100% shall have no more than 20% administration cost.

Subject Area
Human Services
Program Function
Income Security and Social Services
Enabling Legislation
Social Services Block Grant Title XX of the Social Security Act P.L. 97-35
Fund Authorization 30 ILCS 105/5.74;305 ILCS 5/12-10.1
Objectives and Goals
Types of Assistance
Direct Payments for Specific Use
Uses and Restrictions
Eligibility Requirements
Eligible Applicants
Nonprofit Organizations; Government Organizations;
Application and Award Processing
Assistance Consideration
Post Assistance Requirements
Regulations, Guidelines, Literature
Funding By Fiscal Year
FY 2017 : $958,727
FY 2018 : $958,727
FY 2019 : $1,094,579
Federal Funding
Notice of Funding Opportunities
Agency IDGrantee NameStart DateEnd DateAmount
FCSYJ00103-FCSYJ00103COUNCIL FOR JEWISH ELDERLY07/01/201906/30/202090,443
FCSYJ00129-FCSYJ00129COUNCIL FOR JEWISH ELDERLY07/01/201906/30/202060,689
FCSYJ00100-FCSYJ00100COLES COUNTY COUNCIL ON AGING07/01/201906/30/202056,429
FCSYJ00132-FCSYJ00132SENIOR SVCS OF CENTRAL IL INC07/01/201906/30/202054,757